Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Marketing

Programme Director: Dr LI, Connie

This honours degree programme is a four-year full-time programme consisting of a wide range of fundamental marketing and business courses, with a particular emphasis on social enterprise, small business and digital marketing. It aims to provide students with solid undergraduate education required for pursuing career or further study in the marketing field. The programme is designed and tailor-made primarily for the graduates of AD programmes from the College of International Education (CIE), Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) as well as those of other local AD programmes in the business-related disciplines who would be admitted directly into the third year of the programme, with the first and second year of study being exempted. Students who do not meet the University’s General Education Courses, as well as Programme Prerequisites Courses requirements will be asked to make up relevant courses and to meet all course requirements as set for the First and Second Year study of the programme.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Core Courses 39 units
II) Required Courses 21 units
III) Elective Courses 30 units
IV) General Education Courses 38 units
    128 units


I. Core Courses 39 units
  ACCT1005 Principles of Accounting I* 3 units
  ACCT3005 Cost and Management Accounting I* 3 units
  BHRM2045 Organisational Behaviour* 3 units
  BHRM3035 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility* 3 units
  BMKT4005 BCom Marketing Project 3 units
  BUSI3036 Business Communications for Marketing 3 units
  BUSI4026 Strategic Management 3 units
  ECON1016 Principles of Microeconomics* 3 units
  ECON1017 Principles of Macroeconomics* 3 units
  FINE2015 Financial Management for Marketing Professionals 3 units
  ISEM2007 Information Systems for Marketing Decisions* 3 units
  LLAW2006 Legal Aspects of Marketing 3 units
  MKTG2005 Marketing Management* 3 units
II. Required Courses 21 units
  BMKT3005 Business and Marketing Research Methods 3 units
  BMKT3015 Consumer Behaviour 3 units
  BMKT3035 Global Marketing 3 units
  BMKT3045 Qualitative Marketing Research 3 units
  BMKT3055 Socially Responsible Marketing 3 units
  BMKT4015 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3 units
  BMKT4025 Strategic Marketing 3 units
III. Elective Courses 30 units
  BHRM3125 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures 3 units
  BHRM3165 Applied Social Psychology in Organisations 3 units
  BMKT3105 BCom Global Marketing Field Study 3 units
  BMKT3115 Integrated Marketing Communications 3 units
  BMKT3125 International Business: Market, Operations and Strategies 3 units
  BMKT3135 Marketing Internship 3 units
  BMKT3145 Marketing Practicum 3 units
  BMKT3155 Services Marketing 3 units
  BMKT3165 Sports Marketing 3 units
  BMKT3175 International Marketing Internship 3 units
  BMKT3185 Strategic Digital Marketing 3 units
  BMKT3195 Social Venture Planning 3 units
  BMKT3205 Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact 3 units
  BMKT3215 Marketing Field Study for Social Entrepreneurship 3 units
  BMKT4115 Brand Management 3 units
  BMKT4125 Business to Business Marketing 3 units
  BMKT4135 Case Analysis for Marketing Decision Making 3 units
  BMKT4145 Customer Relationship Management 3 units
  BMKT4155 Event Marketing 3 units
  BMKT4165 Marketing for Social Enterprise 3 units
  BMKT4175 Marketing in China 3 units
  BMKT4185 Retailing 3 units
  BMKT4195 Sales Management 3 units
  BMKT4205 Seminar in Contemporary Marketing Issues 3 units
  BMKT4215 Marketing Practicum for Social Entrepreneurship 3 units
  BMKT4225 Community Development for Social Entrepreneurship 3 units
IV. General Education Courses 38 units
    128 units

* Graduates from associate degree and higher diploma programmes in business or related disciplines can be exempted from Year 1 and Year 2 courses if they have studied relevant courses in their previous studies. All unit transfer or course exemption shall be considered on a case-by-case basis upon admission.

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