University Life (U-Life)

Undergraduate students are required to complete the non-credit bearing University Life programme. Workshops and activities in U-Life aim to enhance students’ capabilities to face challenges and find solutions that come from academic or work environment. After completing this programme, students should be able to:

  1. Acquire the skills and knowledge that help them adapt to the new life at the University;
  2. Examine issues of academic integrity and global citizenship with an awareness of their communities;
  3. Develop leadership skills, communication skills and team work spirit that can be applied to their daily life.


University Life Orientation Workshops (UOW)

UOW 1: Personal Transformation Workshop (by Office of Student Affairs)

UOW 2: Insight into HKBU’s 7 Graduate Attributes (by Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning)

Trails of Integrity and Ethics (TIEs)
This workshop involves participating in activities while going through a learning path, known as the Trail of Integrity and Ethics – General (TIE-General). On this trail, students will visit different physical locations on campus to learn concepts of academic integrity and ethics (AIE), using their mobile devices. Triggered by augmented reality technologies, the pop-up scenarios will challenge students to make ethical decisions; and the consequences of the decisions will then be explained. Furthermore, TIE-General acts as a starting trail and students can learn discipline-specific concepts of AIE via other TIEs in subsequent years.

UOW 3: Get Ready for University Research (by Library)

Co-curricular Learning (CCL)

Co-curricular Learning (CCL) take the form of seminars, workshops, campus events, and experiential learning activities which all aim to foster students’ whole person development. Students are required to complete at least 8 CCL items before the end of the fourth semester of study. Students directly admitted to Year 2 or 3 have to complete the requirement by the end of the third semester of study, while the exemption of 4 CCL items applies to students directly admitted to Year 3.

Academic Integrity Online Tutorial (AIOT)

Academic Integrity Online Tutorial (AIOT) is an introduction in promoting academic integrity by increasing students’ awareness of the issues involved. Using pertinent cases as examples, the tutorial offers suggestions and solutions to help students recognize unethical behaviours, so that they can avoid committing academic misconduct unintentionally. Students are required to complete AIOT before the end of the second semester of study.

Students will be given a “S” grade for satisfactory completion of the programme or a “U” grade for unsatisfactory performance. A student who is unable to complete the programme by the deadlines specified in the BUniPort will be barred from access to course grades immediately and will not be allowed to enroll on courses in the following semester until his/her deficiency has been made up. 

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