Global Cultures Concentration

The concentration equips students with theoretical concepts and methodological tools to analyse global cultural developments. It offers an interdisciplinary approach drawing on History and Sociology to cultural globalization. This concentration prepares students for career paths where knowledge of the interplay of global, national, regional, and local cultures is crucial.


Concentration Elective Courses  9 units
  One of the followings:
  SOSC7310 Concepts, Theories and Institutions of Global Studies 3 units
  SOSC7320 Debating Global Society 3 units
  SOSC7330 Globalizations 3 units
  SOSC7410 Research Methods for Global Studies 3 units
  Two of the followings:
  EDUC7530 Socio-cultural Context of Human Development 3 units
  GEOG7580 Urban Cultural Landscape 3 units
  HIST4407 Topic Studies in Social History 3 units
  HIST7310 Global Colonial and Postcolonial Cultures 3 units
  HIST7320 Contemporary China and Globalization 3 units
  POLS7100 Public Affairs and Public Policy 3 units
  SOSC7340 Global Civil Society 3 units
  SOSC7350 Global Cultural Industries 3 units
  SOSC7360 Global Urban Systems 3 units
  SOSC7370 Independent Project on Global Society 3 units
  SOSC7380 Medicine, Society and Culture: Public Health Perspectives 3 units
  SOSC7400 Professional Placement 3 units
    9 units


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