Certification of Academic Assessment


Testimonials are issued by the Academic Registry (for undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes)/Graduate School (for research postgraduate programmes) as proof of student status at the University.  As for personal recommendations or references, students are advised to approach faculty or staff members who know them well.


Official transcripts serve to indicate students’ status, courses taken, grades attained, and grade point averages.  Transcripts bearing the signature of the Academic Registrar or his/her designate (for undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes)/Dean of Graduate School or his/her designate (for research postgraduate programmes) and the official stamp are the only form of official academic record to be issued by the University.  Official transcripts are sent directly to identifiable institutions upon a student's request.  They are not available to students as personal copies nor will they be despatched through students.  Transcripts (student copy) can be obtained by students.  A fee is charged for the issue of transcripts.


Graduates having completed all graduation requirements upon approval of the Senate will be given the relevant diploma as the official document of graduation.

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