Master of Science in Marketing for the Creative Economy

Programme Director: Dr ZHANG, Junfeng

It is a one-year full-time programme offered by the Department of Management, Marketing and Information Systems in collaboration with the Academy of Visual Arts. The programme rides on two rising trends in the markets:

  1. The rapid expansion of the creative economy in recent years (e.g., advertising, arts and crafts, music, design, video, computer games, interactive media); and 
  2. The trend of applying arts and cultural elements in business operations in industry practices (e.g., arts malls, music entertainment).

It provides an interdisciplinary platform to nurture "Art x Marketing" talented individuals who are capable of managing, operating, administering, and promoting creative initiatives, projects, and policies within a globally competitive ecology by providing the necessary expert training in business and marketing to excel in this field.

The programme aims to cultivate creative and cultural leaders with knowledge that can be applied in retail market, entrepreneurship, creative industries, and arts administration and management. It offers overseas immersion, which gives students the opportunity to join an overseas field trip* during the summer term to broaden their experience and understanding of creative economies at an international level. A subsidy up to HK$10,000 will be provided to every student for this field trip. Moreover, students get to solve real-life problems through the Creative Service-Learning Project. A subsidy up to HK$5,000 will be provided to each student based on actual expenses. Presentations will be conducted via a virtual symposium for students to exchange ideas with academics and practitioners across the globe.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Courses 18 units
II) Elective Courses 9 units
III) Overseas Field Trip 3 units
    30 units


I. Required Courses 18 units
  MKTG7140 Strategic Marketing Management 3 units
  MKTG7150 Brand Development and Sponsorship 3 units
  MKTG7160 Digital Marketing Strategies 3 units
  MKTG7170 Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economies 3 units
  MKTG7180 Seminars in Contemporary Marketing Issues in Creative Economies 3 units
  MKTG7190 Creative Service-Learning Project 3 units
II. Elective Courses 9 units
  Choose one from the following four courses:  
  ACCT7060 Business Accounting# 3 units
  ACCT7960 Interpreting Financial and Accounting Information# 3 units
  VACC7010 Research Methodology for the Visual Arts 3 units
  VACC7030 Critically Engaged: Creative Practices in Context 3 units
  Choose one from the following two courses:  
  MKTG7110 Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship in an International Context 3 units
  MKTG7210 Services Marketing Management 3 units
  Choose one from the following two courses:  
  VACC7020 Visual Arts Theory and Criticism 3 units
  VACC7040 Arts and the Public: Interpretation and Presentation 3 units
III. Overseas Field Trip 3 units
  MKTG7200 2-week Overseas field trip* 3 units
    30 units

Students are only allowed to take either ACCT7060 Business Accounting or ACCT7960 Interpreting Financial and Accounting Information  but not both to fulfill the graduation requirements

* Travel related expenses will be incurred if an overseas field trip is scheduled. Alternatives will be provided if the field trip must be canceled, rescheduled or downsized. The programme will provide a subsidy (HK10,000/student) for the field trip. For details, please consult the Programme Office.

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