Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Administration (Global Entertainment)

Programme Director: Mr CHAN, Saville T O

Entertainment business covers a broad coverage of film, music, theatre, media, gaming, museum, arts and cultural events and performances. It has been rapidly developing in Hong Kong, the Mainland and across the globe in recent years. Technologies and new forms of monetization are also changing the viewer experience drastically. Global entertainment businesses need specialists who can perform a wide range of duties including content development, licensing, finance, marketing, administration, circulation, audience development, public education and more importantly, who can support and champion the fast-evolving new forms of audience engagement.

This transdisciplinary programme is open to students from all academic backgrounds. Business-minded students who wish to pursue a career in the entertainment business and/or arts, cultural and creative industries should apply.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Major Courses 72 units
II) Honours Project 6 units
III) University Core Courses 13 units
IV) General Education Courses* 12 units
V) Free Electives 25 units
    128 units

* For the 18-unit General Education Courses, the learning outcomes of two Level II Interdisciplinary Thematic Courses (6 units) will be fulfilled by taking the Transdisciplinary Common Core “ITS 2009 Global Challenges II” (6 units).


I. Major Courses 72 units
  Transdisciplinary Common Core (9 units)  
  ITS 1008 Global Challenges I 3 units
  ITS 2009 Global Challenges II 6 units
  Programme-specific Experiential Learning (18 units)  
  ARTT3005 Transdisciplinary Collaboration I 6 units
  ARTT3006 Transdisciplinary Collaboration II 6 units
  BAGE3005 Global Entertainment Business Field Trip 3 units
  BAGE3006 Industry Internship 3 units
  Programme-specific Knowledge/Skills Core (24 units)  
  BUSI1005 The World of Business and Entrepreneurship  3 units
  BUSI2045 Data Analytics for Business Decision Making 3 units
  BUSI3006 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 3 units
  FILM3147 Entertainment 3.0: Creative Industries and Technology 3 units
  HUMN2026 Globalization and Culture 3 units
  LLAW2007 Entertainment Law 3 units
  MUSI3136 Creative Entrepreneurship 3 units
  WRIT1005 Creativity: Theory and Practice 3 units
  Major Elective Courses   
  Programme-specific Knowledge/Skills Electives (21 units)  
  BUSI3025 Cross-Cultural and Comparative Management 3 units
  BUSI3057 Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures 3 units
  ECON3087 Understanding the Digital Economy 3 units
  ECON3097 Data Visualization for Economic Storytelling 3 units
  ECON3105 Big Data Analytics with Python 3 units
  FAGS3017 Media Arts and Performance 3 units
  FILM2047 Storytelling 3 units
  FILM3047 Hollywood Cinema 3 units
  FILM4026 East Asian Cinemas: History and Current Issues 3 units
  FINE3025 Entrepreneurial Finance 3 units
  GAME3026 Online Media Management  3 units
  GAME4036 Game Economy: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology  3 units
  HIST4315 Introduction to Museum Studies 3 units
  HUMN3005 Artistic Creativity and Aesthetics Awareness 3 units
  HUMN3025 Chinese Song Lyric Writing 3 units
  HUMN3026 Creative Industries: Theories and Practices 3 units
  HUMN3037 New Media Cultures 3 units
  HUMN3045 Popular Music Studies 3 units
  HUMN3046 Science Fiction, Film and Culture 3 units
  HUMN3075 East Asia Media Cultures in the Global Age 3 units
  HUMN4005 Asia Discourses 3 units
  HUMN4017 Media Representations of Ethnicity 3 units
  HUMN4027 The Double Face of Creativity: Fact and Fiction 3 units
  ISEM3035 Introduction to Business Data Analytics and Visualization 3 units
  ISEM4017 Consumer Insight: Online Customer Data Analytics and Machine Learning Approaches 3 units
  MKTG3006 Global Marketing 3 units
  MKTG3007 Consumer Behaviour 3 units
  MKTG3026 Strategic Digital Marketing 3 units
  MKTG3046 Sports Marketing  3 units
  MKTG4026 Leisure Marketing 3 units
  MKTG4055 Event Marketing 3 units
  MUSI3066 Music and Media 3 units
  MUSI3085 Introduction to Music Business and Music Marketing 3 units
  MUSI3087 Iconic Figures of Chinese Popular Music 3 units
  MUSI3096 Legal Perspective in the Creative Arts 3 units
  MUSI3097 Music Design and Programming for Video Games 3 units
  MUSI3105 History and Analysis of Game Scoring 3 units
  MUSI3107 The Past and Present of Music Theatre: from Opera to Broadway 3 units
  MUSI3115 Female and LGBTQ artists in Music, Arts and Society 3 units
  MUSI3127 Sight and Sound: Great Film Music Collaborations 3 units
  MUSI3135 Listening to the Twentieth Century 3 units
  VART3395 Studio: Graphic Design  9 units
  VART3405 Studio: Experience Design 9 units
  WRIT3007 Writing for New Media 3 units
II. Honours Project 6 units
  Programme-specific Experiential Learning  
  BAGE4898 Company-based Final Year Project I 3 units
  BAGE4899 Company-based Final Year Project II 3 units
III. University Core Courses 13 units
IV. General Education Courses 12 units
V. Free Electives 25 units
    128 units


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