Higher Diploma in Management

The Higher Diploma in Management Programme is designed to provide students with comprehensive management knowledge and integrated industry and profession-specific skills, together with the necessary competencies to enhance students' employability.  Students must complete 63 units which normally require two years of full-time study.  They choose one specialisation from the following disciplines:

- Justice Administration and Law Enforcement
- Sport and Healthy Living
- Aviation Administration

The structure of the curriculum is as follows: 

I) Generic Skills Courses 15 units
II) Discipline Required Courses 33 units
III) Specialisation Courses 15 units
    63 units


I. Generic Skills Courses 15 units
  HDGS0301 English for Business 3 units
  HDGS0303 Practical Chinese Writing* 3 units
  HDGS0305 Personal Growth and Development 3 units
  HDGS0306 Writing Academic English 3 units
  HDGS0307 Business Statistics 3 units
  * Non-Chinese speaking students can take CCLC1200 Elementary Chinese as an alternative Chinese Language course to meet the respective graduation requirements concerning the fulfilment of University Core and Generic Skills requirements.  
II. Discipline Required Courses 33 units
  HDMT1301 Principles of Accounting 3 units
  HDMT1302 Principles of Marketing 3 units
  HDMT1304 Financial Management 3 units
  HDMT1305 Human Resources Management 3 units
  HDMT1306 Principles of Management 3 units
  HDMT1307 Business Economics 3 units
  HDMT1308 Technology, Business and Society 3 units
  HDMT1309 Organisational Behaviour 3 units
  HDMT1311 Management Project 3 units
  HDMT1312 Business Law 3 units
  HDMT1313 International Business and Entrepreneurship 3 units
III. Specialisation Courses 15 units
  Justice Administration and Law Enforcement  
  HDMT2301 Introduction to Criminal Justice System and Law Enforcement in Hong Kong 3 units
  HDMT2302 Crimes and Criminal Law 3 units
  HDMT2304 Practices of Law Enforcement in Hong Kong 3 units
  HDMT2316 Public Policy and Civil Administration 3 units
  HDMT2317 Corporate Security Management 3 units
  Sport and Healthy Living  
  HDMT2306 Healthy Living and Applications 3 units
  HDMT2307 Sport and Recreation 3 units
  HDMT2308 Physical Activity and Health 3 units
  HDMT2309 Risk Management in Sport 3 units
  HDMT2310 Sport Facility Design and Management 3 units
  Aviation Administration  
  HDMT2311 Airline Business and Operations 3 units
  HDMT2312 Airport Operations and Management 3 units
  HDMT2313 Safety Management Systems in Aviation 3 units
  HDMT2314 Service Management in Aviation Industry 3 units
  HDMT2315 Air Freight Operations 3 units
    63 units


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