Environmental Science Concentration


Concentration Courses   
  Concentration Required Courses 30 units
  BIOL2015 Biodiversity 3 units
  BIOL2016 Biodiversity Laboratory 1 unit
  BIOL2045 Natural Resources and Environment 3 units
  BIOL3007 Ecology 3 units
  BIOL3015 Ecology Laboratory 1 unit
  BIOL3016 Environmental Health and Toxicology 3 units
  BIOL3027 Waste Treatment and Recycling 3 units
  BIOL3077 Urban Water Resources Management 3 units
  BIOL4006 Environmental Science Laboratory I 2 units
  BIOL4016 Principles of Environmental Management 3 units
  BIOL4017 Environmental Biotechnology 3 units
  BIOL4045 Environmental Science Laboratory II 2 units
  Concentration Elective Courses   6 units
  BIOL2026 Genetics 3 units
  BIOL2037 Introduction to Agricultural Science and Food Systems 3 units
  BIOL3005 Animal Physiology 3 units
  BIOL3017 Molecular Biology 3 units
  BIOL3025 Plant Physiology 3 units
  BIOL3057 Marine Biology 3 units
  BIOL3065 Soil Science and Fertility 3 units
  BIOL4015 Fermentation and Enzyme Technology 3 units
  BIOL4067 Sustainable Urban Environment 3 units
  BIOL4899 Applied Biology Project II 3 units
  CHEM3025 Chemical Analysis 3 units
  CHEM3026 Chemical Analysis Laboratory 1 unit
  CHEM4017 Environmental Analysis 3 units
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