Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education

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The Higher Diploma in Early Childhood programme paves the way for secondary leavers to pursue a professional career in early childhood education. It aims to provide students with high-quality learning and teaching in professional knowledge, skills, strategies and ethics that enable them to excel in diverse early childhood education (ECE) settings in Hong Kong. Graduates of the programme will become reflective and committed early childhood professionals of high calibre.

Mode of Study

Face-to-face mode will mainly be adopted to cater for the needs of the students and to encourage interaction between lecturers and students. The process of re-thinking teaching beliefs and behaviour will further be facilitated through peer interaction as well as the stimulus afforded by the classroom environment, including pedagogical materials and teaching strategies such as scaffording and guided questions that provoke critical thinking and intellectual discussions in various kindergarten classroom contexts.

In addition, practical sessions will be provided for students to apply the theoretical concepts acquired.


Students are expected to complete all the requirements of the programme before being awarded the Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education. The grading will be in accordance with the Hong Kong Baptist University's Grade Point Average (GPA) ruling. Assessment in each course will vary but will be continuous with a mixture of class participation, assignments, practical work and examinations.

Programme Structure

The programme consists of 72 units with 12 units under the generic skills domain, 42 units under the major domain and 18 units under the elective domain. The programme consists of all the essential Certificate in Early Childhood Education (C(ECE)) components and graduates will thereby become qualified for registration as teachers serving in kindergartens and kindergarten-cum-child care centres. Furthermore, the programme is recognised by the Social Welfare Department for registration as Child Care Workers (CCW) and Child Care Supervisors (CCS).

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Generic Skills Courses 12 units
II) Professional Studies Courses  15 units
III) Curriculum in Early Childhood Education Courses  21 units
IV) Elective Courses 18 units
V) Practicum Courses 6 units
    72 units


I. Generic Skills Courses 12 units
  EECE1760 Ethics and Professional Development 3 units
  HECE1610 Chinese for University Studies* 3 units
  HECE1630 English for University Studies I 3 units
  HECE2630 English for University Studies II 3 units
  * Non-Chinese speaking students can take CCLC1200 Elementary Chinese as an alternative Chinese Language course to meet the respective graduation requirements concerning the fulfilment of University Core and Generic Skills requirements.  
II. Professional Studies Courses  15 units
  HECE1010 Child Development: An Overview 3 units
  HECE1020 Health, Nutrition and Safety for Young Children 3 units
  HECE2030 Observation and Assessment of Young Children 3 units
  HECE3015 Administration and Management for Early Childhood Services 3 units
  HECE3025 Parent Education 3 units
 III. Curriculum in Early Childhood Education Courses  21 units
  HECE2110 Mathematics for Young Children 3 units
  HECE2120 Music and Physical Fitness for Young Children 3 units
  HECE2130 Creative Drama and Visual Arts for Young Children 3 units
  HECE2140 Language and Literacy Development in Early Childhood 3 units
  HECE2150 Learning and Teaching in Early Childhood Education: Play 3 units
  HECE2160 Science and Technology for Young Children 3 units
  HECE3110 Curriculum Development in Early Childhood Education: Design, Evaluation and Innovation 3 units
 IV. Elective Courses 18 units
  Students will be required to take 18 units from the following courses:
  BECE3510 Appreciation and Writing of Children’s Literature 3 units
  BECE3530 Early Childhood Education Practices: A Sociological Perspective 3 units
  BECE3540 Introduction to Art Therapy 3 units
  BECE3550 Introduction to Play Therapy 3 units
  BECE3560 Issues in Early Childhood Education 3 units
  BECE3570 Learning and Teaching in Early Childhood Education: Learning and Motivation 3 units
  EECE2820 Developing Leadership and Management Skills 3 units
  EECE2880 Understanding Civic and National Education 3 units
  EECE2890 Appreciation of Music 3 units
  EECE3520 Child Development: Self and Society 3 units
  EECE3590 Young Children’s Literature and Literacy Development 3 units
  EECE3600 Elementary Putonghua 3 units
  EECE4510 Advanced Putonghua for Early Childhood Educators 3 units
  EECE4525 Early Intervention for Children with Additional Needs I 3 units
  EECE4530 English Linguistics for Early Childhood Educators 3 units
  EECE4540 Expressive Arts: Music and Movement 3 units
  EECE4550 Introduction to Counselling Theory and Skills 3 units
V. Practicum Courses 6 units
  HECE1513 Field Practice I (HD) 3 units
  HECE2513 Field Practice II (HD) 3 units
    72 units
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