Master of Science in Business Management

Programme Director: Dr WAN, Shui Ki

The objective of the programme is to serve as the gateway to the global corporate world for junior business executives or recent graduates by developing general business knowledge and professional skills in the global context.

Programme Aims

  1. equip students with knowledge and understanding in general business and management;
  2. prepare students in the application and integration of general business and management knowledge in the international contexts;
  3. assist students in the acquisition of professional skills which are essential to their business career and professional development; and
  4. enable students to appreciate the importance of corporate sustainability and business ethics, especially in the global business environment.

Following the aims and objectives described above, the MScBM Programme Learning Goals (Programme Intended Learning Outcomes) are as follows:  

  1. Students will develop knowledge in major functional areas of modern business, with emphasis on the integration of the multiple dimensions of international business;
  2. Students will develop knowledge of organizations, their management, and the global environment in which they operate;
  3. Students will develop ability to apply the knowledge and understanding of business and management to complex issues of modern days, both systematically and creatively, to improve business and management practices; and
  4. Students will acquire knowledge of business ethics, CSR and corporate sustainability issues affecting business, especially in organizations operating in the global context.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Core Courses 18 units
II) Required Courses 6 units
III) Elective Courses 9 units
    33 units


I. Core Courses 18 units
  ACCT7060 Business Accounting 3 units
  BUSD7060 Evidence-Based Management and Research Methods for MScBM 3 units
  ECON7015 Business Economics in the Digital Era 3 units
  FIN 7940 Corporate Finance and Governance 3 units
  MGNT7780 Managing People and Organization 3 units
  MKT 7080 Managing Marketing 3 units
II. Required Courses 6 units
  BUS 7470 Business Field Study 3 units
  BUSD7021 MScBM Capstone Business Project 1 unit
  BUSD7022 MScBM Capstone Business Project 2 units
III. Elective Courses* 9 units
  ACCT7005 IT Ethics and Compliance in the Digital Economy 3 units
  ACCT7080 Financial Statement Analysis 3 units
  ACCT7940 Enterprise Risk Management 3 units
  ACCT7990 ESG Strategy and Compliance 3 units
  BUS 7060 Business Law and Corporate Governance 3 units
  BUS 7440 Entrepreneurship Development 3 units
  BUS 7450 Business Creativity 3 units
  BUSD7070 MScBM Independent Study 3 units
  BUSD7080 MScBM Internship 3 units
  ECON7075 Global Sustainable Investing and ESG Integration in Asia Pacific 3 units
  ECON7630 International Trade and Finance 3 units
  FIN 7770 Investment and Portfolio Analysis 3 units
  FIN 7920 Financial Technology (FinTech)  3 units
  HRM 7600 Global Human Resources Management 3 units
  HRM 7640 Human Resources Analytics 3 units
  MGNT7250 Leadership and Organizational Development 3 units
  MGNT7320 Leadership Theories and Development 3 units
  MGNT7330 Artificial Intelligence in Business and Management 3 units
  MGNT7340 Lessons from Strategic Failures and Critical Thinking for Managers 3 units
  MGNT7790 Sustainable Growth through Mergers and Acquisition 3 units
  MGNT7800 Design Thinking for Business Innovation 3 units
  MGNT7810 Business Negotiation 3 units
  MGNT7820 Psychology of Organizations 3 units
  MGNT7830 Learning Organization and Organizational Change 3 units
  MKT 7100 Management of Integrated Marketing Communications 3 units
  MKT 7740 Brand Psychology and Digital Marketing 3 units
  MKT 7750 Branding Strategies in the Digital Age 3 units
  Recommended Non-MScBM Electives**  
  a) MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management Programme  
  HRM 7360 Strategic Human Resources Management in Practice 3 units
  b) MSocSc in Media Management Programme  
  COMM7170 Communication Campaign Workshop 3 units
  COMM7200 New Media Workshop 3 units
  COMM7230 Writing for Multimedia in Public Relations 3 units
  COMM7300 Consumer Insights 3 units
  c) Master of Science in Applied Economics  
  ECON7840 Big Data Analytics for Business  
  d) MSc in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing Programme  
  BUSD7010 Social Enterprise Management and Social Impact Strategies 3 units
  MKTG7100 Digital Marketing Strategy 3 units
  e) MSc in Marketing for the Creative Economy Programme  
  MKTG7150 Brand Development and Sponsorship 3 units
  f) Master of Arts in Global Society  
  POLS7090 International Political Economy 3 units
  SOC 7310 Globalization and Development: Visions and Issues 3 units
  SOSC7350 Global Cultural Industries 3 units
    33 units

* The elective courses list may vary, depending upon demand and teaching resources.

** MBA/MScBM students are allowed to take these Master's courses offered by the School of Business and other Master's programmes to replace MScBM electives.

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