Biotechnology Concentration


 Concentration Courses  
  Concentration Required Courses 33 units 
  BIOL2025 Cell Biology Laboratory 1 unit
  BIOL2026 Genetics 3 units
  BIOL2027 Genetics Laboratory 1 unit
  BIOL3005 Animal Physiology 3 units
  BIOL3006 Animal Physiology Laboratory 1 unit
  BIOL3017 Molecular Biology 3 units
  BIOL3025 Plant Physiology 3 units
  BIOL3026 Plant Physiology Laboratory 1 unit
  BIOL3035 Immunology 3 units
  BIOL4005 Biotechnology Studies Laboratory I 2 units
  BIOL4015 Fermentation and Enzyme Technology 3 units
  BIOL4025 Biotechnology Studies Laboratory II 2 units
  BIOL4027 Developmental Biology 3 units
  BIOL4036 Animal and Plant Biotechnology 4 units
  Concentration Elective Course 3 units
  BIOL3056 Introduction to Genome Biology 3 units
  BIOL4017 Environmental Biotechnology 3 units
  BIOL4046 Neurobiology 3 units
  BIOL4899 Applied Biology Project II 3 units
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