Master of Science in Mathematical Finance

Programme Director: Dr CHOI, Pui Wah

The aim of the programme is to provide an opportunity of further education for working professionals in the field of Mathematical Finance and Financial Markets, and to offer well-motivated individuals a path for career conversion into the field of Mathematical Finance and Financial Markets. Students acquire a solid foundation in the principles of Mathematical Finance and Financial Markets, and a wealth of knowledge of software packages and their applications.

The programme teachers are either from the Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist University or from the Kent Business School, University of Kent. The faculty members in the Department of Mathematics of Hong Kong Baptist University have a very strong background in Mathematical Finance and Statistics. The University of Kent has an excellent international reputation and Kent Business School has a very strong faculty in both teaching and research. Their experience and expertise, in particular in the area of business and management would give us the strength in practical, operational and managerial areas.

Students will study in both universities in three semesters. In the first semester (from September to December) and second semester (from January to June), students will study in University of Kent. In the third semester (from September to December), students will study in Hong Kong Baptist University.

Students are required to take and pass all 13 courses in three semesters and obtain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50 to qualify for the two MSc degrees:

  1. Master of Science in Mathematical Finance (conferred by Hong Kong Baptist University)
  2. Master of Science in Finance, Investment and Risk (conferred by University of Kent)

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Courses 36 units
II) Elective Course 3 units
    39 units


  Semester 1  
  MFFM7020 Derivatives 3 units
  MFFM7070 Quantitative Methods 3 units
  MFFM7100 Financial Risk Management 3 units
  MFFM7150 Investment Analysis 3 units
  Semester 2  
  MFFM7120 Investments and Portfolio Management 3 units
  MFFM7160 Credit Risk 3 units
  MFFM7170 Corporate Governance and Sustainability 3 units
  Elective Course 3 units
  Choose one of the following courses:  
  MFFM7080 Fixed Income Markets 3 units 
  MFFM7110 Financial Econometrics 3 units 
  MFFM7180 Programming for Finance in Python 3 units 
  MFFM7190 Algorithmic Trading 3 units 
  Semester 3  
  MFFM7010 Topics in Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes 3 units
  MFFM7030 Computational Finance 3 units
  MFFM7040 Time Series Analysis 3 units
  MFFM7050 Mathematical Finance 3 units
  MFFM7060 Derivatives 3 units
    39 units


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