Minor Programme in China Studies

Students seeking to pursue the study of a minor programme would need to fulfil 15 units of courses specified by the offering department/programme, and note that no registration priority will be given to enrolment in minor courses. Upon completion of the 15 units required for the minor programmes, students should apply to the Academic Registry for approval.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Elective Courses 15 units
    15 units


I. Elective Courses 15 units
  Five of the following courses: 
  ECON3026 China Economic Developments 3 units
  ECON3035 Industrial Management and Development in China 3 units
  ECON4005 China's Foreign Economic Relations and Trade 3 units
  ECON4007 Money and Finance in China 3 units
  GEOG2025 Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: A Survey 3 units
  GEOG3006 Regional Geography of China 3 units
  GEOG4047 Resource and Environmental Management in China 3 units
  GEOG4055 Rural and Agricultural Development in China 3 units
  GEOG4085 Urban Development in China 3 units
  HIST1105 China in the Imperial Age 3 units
  HIST2105 Introduction to Modern Chinese History 3 units
  HIST3105 Contemporary China 3 units
  POLS3017 Government and Politics of China 3 units
  POLS3205 Chinese Legal System 3 units
  SOCI2016 Modern Chinese Society 3 units
  SOCI3045 China and Tourism 3 units
  SOCI3046 GlobalCapitalisms 3 units
  SOCI3047 Sociology of Consumption 3 units
  SOCI3055 Population and Social Developments in Asia 3 units
  SOCI4006 Chinese Family and Kinship 3 units
  SOCI4035 Selected Topics in the Sociology of China I 3 units
  SOCI4055 Gender in Contemporary China 3 units
  SOCI4056 States and Power: East and West 3 units
  SOCI4057 Social Classes under Modern Economic Reform 3 units
  SOCI4065 Chinese Entrepreneurship and Overseas Chinese in the Global Context 3 units
  SOCI4066 Nationalism and Identity Politics 3 units
  CHST1005 Introduction to China Studies 1 unit
  ECON2015 Hong Kong Economy 3 units
  HIST4206 The Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia 3 units
  SOCI2037 Unity and Diversity: The Making of Chinese Culture and Society 3 units


1. Students are required to take a total of 15 units in order to fulfil the minor programme requirement.

2. Students are required to take at least one 3-unit course at Level 3 or Level 4.

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