Academic Advising

For new students, the aim of academic advising is to help them to have a smooth transition to study life at HKBU.  Students receive advice on academic endeavours such as choosing the study majors and courses, developing effective study skills, mapping out study plans to satisfy requirements at different stages of studies, etc.

Continual support will be given to students after their first year of study so that they can update their study plans, relate what they have learnt to their future careers, and formulate their career goals or plans for further studies.

With the provision of academic advising and their active participation, students should be able to:

  • adapt to the University learning environment effectively;
  • identify study strategies and courses suitable for personal growth and professional development;
  • develop sound study plans and enable them to monitor their own progress throughout their learning journeys in the University;
  • plan for their careers or further studies; and
  • find the available resources leading them to achieve the graduate attributes.

Academic advisors are appointed to support and assist students:

  1. Faculty Academic Advising Coordinatorassumes overall responsibility for coordinating all academic advising activities in the Faculty, works closely with academic and administrative advisors to take care of students' development during their University education;
  2. Faculty Academic Advisors/Programme Advising Coordinators (for Year 1 students)broad-based programme academic advisors at the Faculty level for freshmen to help them adjust to university life and plan their studies; and
  3. Department Academic Advisors (for senior year entrants including students admitted with Advanced Standing, Year 2 students and above, or some Year 1 students (programme-based admission))advisor at the departmental level help students succeed in their studies, provide advice on course selection, study planning, career development, and assist in their successful transition to the workplace.

The full academic advising guidelines can be accessed in the BUniPort.

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