Public Relations and Advertising Major


II. Major Courses           52 units
  Major Required Courses (28 units)  
  COMM2006 Communication Theory (Communication Studies) 3 units
  COMM2007 Communication Research Method (Communication Studies) 3 units
  PRAO2007 Principles and Practices of Advertising 3 units
  PRAO2015 Principles and Practices of Public Relations 3 units
  PRAO3015 Consumer Perspectives in Public Relations and Advertising 3 units
  PRAO3056 Campaign Planning and Management 3 units
  PRAO3086 Data Analytics and Visualization for Strategic Communication 3 units
  PRAO3106 Strategic Communication Internship and Practicum 1 unit
  Choose one from the following two courses:  
  PRAO4006 Advanced Qualitative Communication Research 3 units
  PRAO4065 Advanced Quantitative Communication Research 3 units
  Choose one from the following four courses:  
  PRAO3085 Social Media @ Work 3 units
  PRAO3087 Organizational Communication Issues and Processes 3 units
  PRAO4057 Organizational Decision Making and Problem Solving 3 units
  PRAO4066 Leadership Communication 3 units
  Concentration Courses (18 units)  
  Advertising and Branding Concentration Required Courses  
  PRAO3005 Content Creation in Advertising 3 units
  PRAO3007 Advertising Design and Visualization 3 units
  PRAO3046 Audience Measurement and Engagement 3 units
  PRAO4025 Brand Strategy and Communication 3 units
  PRAO4037 Narrative and Brand Storytelling 3 units
  PRAO4056 Creative Brand Expression 3 units
  Public Relations Concentration Required Courses  
  PRAO3035 Public Relations Writing 3 units
  PRAO3047 Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Engagement 3 units
  PRAO4016 Strategic Issues and Crisis Management 3 units
  Choose three from the following five courses:   
  PRAO2046 Internal Communication and Employee Engagement 3 units
  PRAO3017 Digital Public Relations 3 units
  PRAO3046 Audience Measurement and Engagement 3 units
  PRAO3067 Health Communication and Information Campaigns 3 units
  PRAO4045 Media Relations Writing and Training 3 units
  Major Elective Courses (6 units)  
  COMM2026 Human Communication(1) 3 units
  PRAO2036 Group Communication 3 units
  PRAO2037 Interpersonal Communication 3 units
  PRAO2045 Interviewing 3 units
  PRAO2046 Internal Communication and Employee Engagement(5) 3 units
  PRAO2047 Media Design for Corporate Communication 3 units
  PRAO2055 Programming for Digital Communication 3 units
  PRAO3005 Content Creation in Advertising(3) 3 units
  PRAO3007 Advertising Design and Visualization(3) 3 units
  PRAO3017 Digital Public Relations(5) 3 units
  PRAO3027 Digital Audio and Video Production 3 units
  PRAO3035 Public Relations Writing(4) 3 units
  PRAO3046 Audience Measurement and Engagement(3) and (5) 3 units
  PRAO3047 Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Engagement(4) 3 units
  PRAO3065 Fundraising Events, Sponsorships, and Donor Management 3 units
  PRAO3066 Writing for Professional Communication 3 units
  PRAO3067 Health Communication and Information Campaigns(5) 3 units
  PRAO3075 Intercultural Communication 3 units
  PRAO3076 Communication Training for Organizations 3 units
  PRAO3085 Social Media @ Work(2) 3 units
  PRAO3087 Organizational Communication Issues and Processes(2) 3 units
  PRAO4006 Advanced Qualitative Communication Research(2) 3 units
  PRAO4016 Strategic Issues and Crisis Management(4) 3 units
  PRAO4025 Brand Strategy and Communication(3) 3 units
  PRAO4027 Financial Public Relations 3 units
  PRAO4036 Social Communication and Advertising 3 units
  PRAO4037 Narrative and Brand Storytelling(3) 3 units
  PRAO4045 Media Relations Writing and Training 3 units
  PRAO4047 Service Experiences and Luxury Branding 3 units
  PRAO4056 Creative Brand Expression(3) 3 units
  PRAO4057 Organizational Decision Making and Problem Solving(2)  3 units
  PRAO4065 Advanced Quantitative Communication Research(2) 3 units
  PRAO4066 Leadership Communication(2) 3 units
  PRAO4067 Communication Entrepreneurship 3 units
  PRAO4075 Comprehensive Management Trainee Assessment 3 units
  PRAO4076 Conflict and Negotiation 3 units
  PRAO4077 Special Topics in Communication Studies 3 units
  PRAO4087 Algorithm and Communication 3 units
  (1) Also under School Core Elective Course List
  (2) Also under Major Required Course List
  (3) Required Courses of Advertising and Branding Concentration 
  (4) Required Courses of Public Relations Concentration 
  (5) Also under Public Relations Concentration Elective Course List
 III. Honours Project 3 units
  PRAO4895 Strategic Communication Honours Project 3 units
VI. Free Electives 33 units
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