Language Enhancement Programme

LANG0036 Nuturing Global Citizenship Through English
First-year incoming undergraduates with Level 3 or below in HKDSE English Language, or equivalent, are required to attend this semester-long course. This course puts language learning and practice in the context of global themes such as climate change and environment, diversity and communication, equity in education and consumerism and consumption. It, therefore, simultaneously develops learners' understanding of issues and challenges facing humanity today, enhances their English communicative competencies and promotes their ability to develop a critical awareness of the world and take action to improve it.

Supplementary Language Courses
The Supplementary Language Courses help UGC-funded undergraduate and postgraduate students improve their English, Chinese and Putonghua, and acquire other languages such as French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Preparation Courses for examinations such as IELTS and Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC) are also available. The courses are non-credit bearing and enrolment is on a voluntary basis. Certificates of merit are given to students who pass their final tests in the Putonghua courses. For course registration, please visit:

Culture Exchange Course
The Culture Exchange Course is intended for HKBU students who plan to go on exchange programmes. The objectives of the course are to prepare students for studying and working with people from different cultures, enhance their understanding of other cultures, and avoid making faux pas when communicating with people of diverse cultures.

Writing Enhancement Service
The Writing Enhancement Service helps UGC-funded undergraduate and postgraduate students improve their writing skills in English or Chinese on an individual or group basis.

Speaking Enhancement Service
The Speaking Enhancement Service helps UGC-funded undergraduate and postgraduate students improve their Putonghua, Cantonese or English speaking skills on an individual or group basis.

English Across the Curriculum (EAC)
In collaboration with departments/faculties/schools, we aim to:

  1. assist subject teachers in developing students’ language use in their specific disciplines;
  2. identify students’ learning needs in different disciplines; and
  3. improve students’ academic literacy so that they can apply the specific content knowledge.

Some EAC services offered include:

- tailor-made workshops for students
- individual or small-group consultations 

Honours Project Writing Tutorial Service for Senior Year Entrants (English)
This service is offered to UGC-funded undergraduate senior year entrants to improve their skills in writing different sections of an honours project and receive feedback on their writing skills.

English for Research Publication Purposes Service (ERPP)
This service aims to help UGC-funded research postgraduate students disseminate their research in international journals through being guided by a lecturer in tutorial meetings.

Academic Writing Skills and Self-Access Language Learning (AWSALL) (English)
This tutorial service aims to improve UGC-funded undergraduate and postgraduate students’ academic writing skills and foster autonomy in learning.

The Student-Tutor Writing Consultation Programme (English)
This programme aims to provide one-to-one coaching for UGC-funded students to strengthen their skills in planning, drafting, revising, and editing essays of different academic writing genres. It strives to create a mutually beneficial learning experience through which tutors can develop as teachers while tutees can progress as writers.

Language Consultation Service at Language Learning Oasis (English and Putonghua)
UGC-funded students can arrange consultations with a teaching assistant to receive advice on English and/or Putonghua speaking and writing skills. 

For details of the above services, please visit:

Language Exchange Programme
This programme offers language and cultural exchange opportunities between international/exchange students and local/mainland students.

Sponsorship Scheme for Student-led Language Enhancement Activities (English and Putonghua)
The scheme aims to arouse students’ interest and motivation in learning English and Putonghua, strengthen collaboration among students on language learning, as well as nurture students’ creativity in designing language enhancement activities. It allows students to propose and organise language enhancement activities in English and/or Putonghua while the LC offers financial support and logistical advice.

Reading Club (English)
The Reading Club aims to enhance students’ interest in reading. Students are introduced to a wide variety of best-sellers and classics and can share their views on their favourite books and authors. 

For details about activities and competitions, please visit:

English Drama Club
The Drama Club aims to enhance students' speaking skills and confidence in English through drama workshops and performances. During the drama workshops, students will complete drama warm-up activities, including vocal exercises and physical exercises, before workshopping a dramatic text with the guidance of the language tutor.

Independent Language Learning
The Language Centre offers a wide range of facilities for independent language learning to help students improve their English, Putonghua and other languages through individual study. Our Language Learning Oasis has a broad selection of materials to improve general language proficiency and specific language skills in English, Putonghua, Cantonese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. It also provides materials for preparing for public examinations such as IELTS, TOEFL, Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi, the Common Recruitment Examination of the HKSAR Government and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. In addition, we offer support to students to develop independent language-learning skills. Students can make use of these facilities to make progress at their own pace. For more details, please visit

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