Game Design and Animation Major

The Game Design and Animation Major offers a coherent curriculum with dual emphasis on both game design and computer animation for students who are looking for professional and interdisciplinary holistic learning experience to equip themselves for digital entertainment industry and postgraduate study. The curriculum comprises fundamental courses in game design and animation; from drawing and animating for storytelling to coding, programming and mathematical concepts behind them, as well as social and historical studies of game design and animation. Moreover, students can further develop their expertise in senior years through specialization in either Advanced Game Design Stream or Advanced Animation Stream to deepen their knowledge and skills for the preparation of their Final Year Honours Projects.


II.  Major Courses 67 units
  Major Required Courses (46 units)  
  GAME2008 Practicum I 0 unit
  GAME2009 Practicum I 0 unit
  GAME3008 Practicum II 0 unit
  GAME3009 Practicum II 0 unit
  GAME3045 Honours Project Preparation Workshop 1 unit
  GAME1005 Fundamentals of Animation for Game Design and Film 3 units
  GAME1006 Transcultural Studies of Game 3 units
  GAME2005 Drawing 3 units
  GAME2006 Fundamentals of Programming for Game Design and Animation 3 units
  GAME2007 Game and Animation Production Workshop 3 units
  GAME2015 Game Narrative and Storyboarding  3 units
  GAME2016 Mathematical Foundation of Game Design and Animation 3 units
  GAME2017 Transcultural Studies of Animation 3 units
  GAME2025 Visual Communication 3 units
  GAME3005 2D Platform Game Programming 3 units
  GAME3006 Body Mechanics 3 units
  GAME3007 Game Art and Visual Expression 3 units
  GAME3047 Generative AI in Creative Practices 3 units
  GAME4005 Character Design and Rigging 3 units
  GAME4045 Digitally Mediated Communication 3 units
  Stream Required Courses (9 units)  
  Advanced Animation Stream Required Courses  
  GAME4016 Lighting, Rendering and Style 3 units
  GAME4017 Motion Graphic Design 3 units
  GAME4025 Performance Animation 3 units
  Advanced Game Design Stream Required Courses  
  GAME4006 3D Game World Programming 3 units
  GAME4007 AI for Game Design 3 units
  GAME4015 Game Physics, Dynamics, and Simulation 3 units
  Major Elective Course (12 units)   
  HIST3406 Information Technologies and Quantitative Methods for Historical Studies 3 units
  HIST4326 Science and Society: A Historical Perspective 3 units
  HUMN2016 Performing as Human Experience 3 units
  HUMN3005 Artistic Creativity and Aesthetics Awareness 3 units
  HUMN3026 Creative Industries: Theories and Practices 3 units
  MUSI1037 Music Technology for Media 3 units
  MUSI3066 Music and Media 3 units
  MUSI3097 Music Design and Programming for Video Games 3 units
  MUSI3105 History and Analysis of Game Scoring 3 units
  FILM2045 Art History 3 units
  FILM3006 Film Sound 3 units
  FILM3016 Non-Fiction Film 3 units
  FILM3076 Screen Acting Workshop 3 units
  FILM3077 The Art of Documentary Film 3 units
  FILM3085 Film Music and Sound Design 3 units
  FILM4006 Advanced Experimental Image Processing 3 units
  FILM4016 Internship 0 unit
  FILM4046 Advanced Cinematography 3 units
  FILM4065 Art Direction 3 units
  FILM4066 Visual Effects Workshop 3 units
  GAME3015 Sound Design for Game and Animation 3 units
  GAME3016 Game Design: Theories and Research Methods 3 units
  GAME3017 Interactive Graphics 3 units
  GAME3025  Motion Capture for Game and Animation 3 units
  GAME3026 Online Media Management 3 units
  GAME3027 Traditional and Experimental Animation 3 units
  GAME3035 Transdisciplinary Theory of Game Design 3 units
  GAME3036 Virtual World: Design and Interaction 3 units
  GAME3037 Visual Aesthetics and Narrative Presentation 3 units
  GAME4026 Creative Production in Extended Reality 3 units
  GAME4027 Facial Animation  3 units
  GAME4035 Game Cultures and Ethics 3 units
  GAME4036 Game Economy: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology 3 units
  GAME4037 Japanese Animation and Games 3 units
III.  Honours Project 6 units 
  GAME4898 Honours Project in Game Design and Animation I 3 units
  GAME4899 Honours Project in Game Design and Animation II 3 units
VI. Free Electives 15 units


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