Minor Programme in Political Science

Students seeking to pursue the study of a minor programme would need to fulfil 15 units of courses specified by the offering department/programme, and note that no registration priority will be given to enrolment in minor courses. Upon completion of the 15 units required for the minor programmes, students should apply to the Academic Registry for approval.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Courses 6 units
II) Elective Courses 9 units
    15 units


I. Required Courses 6 units
  POLS1005 Foundations of Political Science 3 units
  POLS2017 Foundations of International Relations 3 units
II. Elective Courses 9 units
  Three of the following courses: 
  EURO3205 Comparative Politics of Post-Communist Central Europe 3 units
  POLS2006 Introduction to Political Economy 3 units
  POLS2007 Introduction to Research Methods 3 units
  POLS2015 Government and Politics of Hong Kong 3 units
  POLS2016 Social Movements and Contentious Politics 3 units
  POLS2025 Foundations of Political Philosophy 3 units
  POLS3006 Statistical and Survey Methods for Political Science 3 units
  POLS3017 Government and Politics of China 3 units
  POLS3206 Government and Politics of Japan 3 units
  POLS3225 Religion and Politics 3 units
  POLS3226 War and Peace 3 units
  POLS3227 Greater China: State and Society 3 units
  POLS3235 Comparative Democracies: The United Kingdom and The United States 3 units
  POLS3236 Gender and Politics 3 units
  POLS3237 Social and Political Developments in Contemporary China 3 units
  POLS3245 China and the World 3 units
  POLS4207 Comparative Public Administration 3 units
  POLS4225 Political Cultures and Economics in Transition 3 units
  POLS4226 Public Policy and Governance 3 units
  POLS4227 Security Studies 3 units
  POLS4236 Theories of International Relations 3 units
  POLS4237 Topics in Asian Politics 3 units
  POLS4245 Topics in Comparative and Global Politics 3 units
  POLS4247 Comparative Electoral and Party Politics 3 units
  POLS4255 Comparative Regionalism and Regionalization 3 units
  POLS4256 Comparative Authoritarianism and Democratization 3 units
  POLS4257 International and Global Justice 3 units
  POLS4265 Topics in Political Theory and Philosophy 3 units
    15 units


Students are required to take at least one 3-unit course at Level 3 or 4.

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