Accounting Concentration

The Accounting Concentration aims at providing an education that has a proper balance of breadth and depth in the accounting discipline, with a view to producing accountants of an analytical and conceptual mind. Graduates will develop their careers in professional accounting firms as well as in commercial and industrial sectors.

Specific objectives are:

  1. To provide students with an in-depth training in the accounting discipline so as to give them adequate preparation for their careers in the field of accounting;
  2. To provide students with a multi-disciplinary knowledge and analytical ability which make them aware of the complexity of the business environment;
  3. To develop students’ information processing skills and communication skills; and
  4. To give students a sound liberal education which will render a sufficiently broad perspective to meet future challenges brought about by the ever changing environment.


 Concentration Required Courses 21 units
  ACCT2005 Intermediate Accounting I 3 units
  ACCT2006 Intermediate Accounting II 3 units
  ACCT3005 Cost and Management Accounting I 3 units
  ACCT3006 Hong Kong Taxation 3 units
  ACCT4005 Advanced Accounting I 3 units
  ACCT4006 Auditing I 3 units
  LLAW3005 Company Law 3 units
    21 units


Additional requirements for the HKICPA/ACCA recognition/exemption:

(1) ACCT3006 Hong Kong Taxation (Accounting Concentration Required Courses), LLAW3005 Company Law and LLAW3007 Principles of Law must be completed at HKBU.

(2) ACCT3007 Cost and Management Accounting II is required for HKICPA/ACCA recognition/exemption. Students need to take this course using the units for free elective courses.

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