Early Childhood Education Concentration

This concentration is intended for early childhood practitioners who want to acquire knowledge and skills essential for shouldering leadership responsibilities in the early childhood setting.


  1. To develop and enrich course participants’ professional knowledge and skills in four fundamental domains, namely, early literacy development, policy studies relating to early childhood education and care, the diverse learning needs of children, and current and future trends in early childhood curriculum;
  2. To critically analyse and reflect on issues relating to the afore-mentioned domains in both the local and international contexts;
  3. To integrate research findings with teaching practices so as to further strengthen participants’ professionalism and leadership in early childhood education; and
  4. To foster competence in early childhood research.


Concentration Required Courses  12 units
  EDUC7860 Early Literacy Development 3 units
  EDUC7890 Policy Studies in Early Childhood Education and Care 3 units
  EDUC7960 Development Diversity in Early Childhood 3 units
  EDUC7970 Early Childhood Curriculum 3 units
    12 units
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