Higher Diploma in Commercial Design

The Higher Diploma in Commercial Design Programme is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to perform design-related roles in a wide range of work settings at paraprofessional level within the creative industries.  Students must complete 63 units which normally require two years of full-time study.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Generic Skills Courses 15 units
II) Discipline Required Courses 33 units
III) Specialisation Courses 15 units
    63 units


I. Generic Skills Courses 15 units
  HDGS0301 English for Business 3 units
  HDGS0302 Applied Putonghua 3 units
  HDGS0303 Practical Chinese Writing 3 units
  HDGS0304 Business Mathematics 3 units
  HDGS0305 Personal Growth and Development 3 units
II. Discipline Required Courses 33 units
  HDCD1108 Visual Culture 1 unit
  HDCD1210 Styling Design 2 units
  HDCD1301 Drawing Practice 3 units
  HDCD1302 Creative Illustration 3 units
  HDCD1303 History of Western Art and Design 3 units
  HDCD1304 Design Concepts and Colour Management 3 units
  HDCD1305 Digital Graphics and Imaging 3 units
  HDCD1306 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design 3 units
  HDCD1307 Commercial Photography 3 units
  HDCD1309 Popular Culture in Contemporary China 3 units
  HDCD1611 Integrated Portfolio 6 units
 III. Specialisation Courses 15 units
  HDCD2301 Visual Merchandising Design 3 units
  HDCD2302 Visual Merchandising Drawing and Planning 3 units
  HDCD2303 Jewellery Design 3 units
  HDCD2304 Jewellery Design with Jewel CAD 3 units
  HDCD2305 Accessories Design and Application 3 units
    63 units
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