Master of Arts in Producing for Film, Television and New Media

Programme Director: Mr YING, Liang

The MA in Producing for Film, Television and New Media Prograrmme, as the first of its kind in the Greater China Region, aims to educate students for career opportunities as producers and executives in the film, television and new media industries. It is set up to meet these industries’ increasing demand for professionals with good language skills and an in-depth understanding of the production process, including planning, finance, project development, producing, distribution, promotion, public relations, marketing and theatre management.  

For graduation, students must complete a minimum of 27 units, consisting of 15 units of required courses and 12 units of elective courses.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Courses 15 units
II) Elective Courses 12 units
    27 units


I. Required Courses 15 units
  A.F.7410 Financial Management for Film, Television and New Media 3 units
  A.F.7420 Promotion, Advertising and Distribution for Film, Television and New Media 3 units
  A.F.7430 Law, and Film, Television and New Media 3 units
  A.F.7440 Script Analysis for the Producer 3 units
  A.F.7510 Fundamentals of Media Arts 3 units
II. Elective Courses* 12 units
  A.F.7450 Case Studies in Production and the Market 3 units
  A.F.7460 Overview of New Media Contents and its Future: Internet Movie, Drama Series and Short Video 3 units
  A.F.7470 Seminar on Non-Mainstream Producing 3 units
  A.F.7480 Film, Television, New Media and Globalization 3 units
  A.F.7490 Multimedia Management 3 units
  A.F.7520 Interactive Media Design 3 units
  A.F.7530 Principles and Applications of Computer Graphics 3 units
  A.F.7540 The Art and Practice of Digital Media 3 units
  A.F.7550 Graduate Seminar on Chinese New Waves Cinema 3 units
  A.F.7560 Multimedia Platform Programming Positioning and Branding 3 units
  A.F.7570 Non-Scripted (Reality Show) Creation and Production 3 units
  A.F.7580 Graduate Seminar on a Director's Palette 3 units
  A.F.7590 Digital Multimedia Communication 3 units
  A.F.7600 Narrative Storytelling 3 units
  COMM7040 Issues in Intercultural Communication 3 units
  COMM7170 Communication Campaign Workshop 3 units
  COMM7200 New Media Workshop 3 units
  COMM7270 Media Policies and Regulations 3 units
  COMM7300 Consumer Insights 3 units
  JOUR7030 Research Methods in Media and Communication 3 units
  Elective courses offered by the MFA*  
  CTV 7230 Seminar on Chinese Cinemas 3 units
  CTV 7270 Current Issues of Asian Media 3 units
  CTV 7290 Critique of Contemporary Arts 3 units
  CTV 7300 Seminar on Great Works and Human Condition 3 units
  CTV 7450 Alternative Cinema 3 units
  CTV 7460 Film and Other Arts 3 units
  CTV 7480 Special Topics - Aesthetics and Appreciation I 3 units
  CTV 7500 Film and Literature 3 units
  CTV 7520 Special Topics - Aesthetics and Appreciation II 3 units
  CTV 7540 Seminar on Television and New Media 3 units
    27 units

* Elective courses listed are subject to programmes' arrangement and will not be necessarily offered every year. Student can only take a maximum of 6 units (TWO electives) from other programmes during the entire study period.

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