Master of Science in Strategic Human Resources Management

Programme Director: Dr CHEUNG, Jamie Y H 

This programme is designed to empower aspired HR professionals to become Human Resources Business Partners (HRBP). Through engaging in action learning, practicing evidence-based HR, and cultivating agility and global vision, HR professionals will gain advanced management knowledge and practical HR skills, develop a strategic mindset, and sharpen their business acumen and people management competencies. The range of topics span from understanding workplace behaviour, mastering HR strategic processes for talent management, developing governance capabilities and ethical cultures within organisations, to conducting HR inquiries using analytics and consultancy skills. Graduates will be able to perform the HRBP roles and leverage human capital to enhance an organization’s competitive advantage. Classes of this two-year programme are arranged at weekends, allowing students to better integrate work with study.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Courses 24 units
II) Elective Course 3 units
III) Project 3 units
    30 units


I. Required Courses 24 units
  HRM 7300 Human Resources Management and Business 3 units
  HRM 7320 Industrial-organizational Psychology 3 units
  HRM 7330 Skills for Managing Human Resources 3 units
  HRM 7360 Strategic Human Resources Management in Practice 3 units
  HRM 7430 Leadership and Innovation 3 units
  HRM 7620 Human Resources Research and Consultancy 3 units
  HRM 7630 Ethics, Culture and Governance 3 units
  HRM 7650 Analytics for Talent Management 3 units
II. Elective Course 3 units
  One of the following courses: 
  HRM 7340 International Human Resources Management 3 units
  HRM 7390 Current Employment Practices in China 3 units
  HRM 7660 Strategic Performance Management 3 units
  HRM 7670 Leadership Communication and Crisis Management 3 units
III. Project 3 units
  MGNT7770 Consultancy Project 3 units
    30 units
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