Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Acting for Global Screen

Porgramme Director: Prof BRAY, Michael John

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Acting for Global Screen is a unique, international, interdisciplinary “state-of-the-art” Bachelor of Fine Arts programme in acting, which combines acting training and performance studies, technology understanding and contemporary cultural reflection in its curriculum. It aims to be the most competitive undergraduate programme in acting performance, with cross-cultural and global enrichments that meet the needs of acting for screen, stage acting, acting with media technology in the film industries for both local and non-local students.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) School Core Course 3 units
II) Major Courses 76 units
III) Honours Project 6 units
IV) University Core Courses 13 units
V) General Education Courses 18 units
VI) Free Electives 12 units
    128 units


I. School Core Course 3 units
  COMM2026 Human Communication 3 units
II.  Major Courses  76 units
  Major Required Courses (46 units)  
  FAGS1005 Introduction to Performing Arts 3 units
  FAGS1006 Fundamentals of Acting 3 units
  FAGS1007 Voice and Speech I 3 units
  FAGS1015 Movement I 3 units
  FAGS1016 Fundamentals of Directing 3 units
  FAGS2005 Voice and Speech II 3 units
  FAGS2006 Movement II 3 units
  FAGS2007 Acting and Directing 3 units
  FAGS2015 Script Analysis and Acting 3 units
  FAGS2016 Acting on Stage 3 units
  FAGS2017 Acting on Screen and with Technology 3 units
  FAGS3005 Body, Society and Cultures 3 units
  FAGS3006 Acting Workshop 3 units
  FAGS3007 Acting Internship 3 units
  FAGS3015 Individual Enhancement Workshop 1 unit
  FAGS4005 Casting for Stage, Film and Media 3 units
  Major Elective Courses (30 units)   
  FAGS1017 English for Acting 3 units
  FAGS2025 Dance for Actors  3 units
  FAGS2026 Special Topic in Screen Performance 3 units
  FAGS2027 Special Topic in Stage Acting 3 units
  FAGS2035 World Theatre 3 units
  FAGS3016 Comparative Studies in Acting 3 units
  FAGS3017 Media Arts and Performance 3 units
  FAGS3025 Technology, Body and Performance 3 units
  FILM2005 History of Cinema 3 units
  FILM2065 Cinematography 3 units
  FILM2066 Reading Literature 3 units
  FILM3035 Chinese-language Cinema 3 units
  FILM3047 Hollywood Cinema 3 units
  FILM4026 East Asian Cinemas: History and Current Issues 3 units
  FILM4056 Character Design and Storyboarding 3 units
  FILM4065 Art Direction 3 units
  FILM4075 Facial Animation 3 units
  FILM4076 Character Animation 3 units
  FILM4077 Creative Production in Extended Reality 3 units
III.  Honours Project 6 units
  FAGS4898 Honours Project 3 units
  FAGS4899 Honours Project 3 units
IV. University Core Courses 13 units
V. General Education Courses 18 units
VI. Free Electives 12 units
    128 units


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