Artificial Intelligence Concentration


Concentration Courses  
  Concentration Required Courses 15 units
  COMP3057 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 3 units
  COMP3065 Artificial Intelligence Application Development 3 units
  COMP4026 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 3 units
  COMP4135 Recommender Systems and Applications 3 units
  COMP4136 Natural Language Processing 3 units
II. Projects 6 units
  COMP4928 Artificial Intelligence Project I 3 units
  COMP4929 Artificial Intelligence Project II 3 units
V. Free Electives#^ 24 units
  # Students are encouraged to take Elective Courses from the following courses by using the free elective units to develop different areas of specialisation for the specific preference on future development.  
  ^Students who plan to pursue research degrees are encouraged to take at least one course from S5.
  S1: Web Technology and Data Engineering  
  COMP4017 Computer and Network Security 3 units
  COMP4035 Database System Implementation 3 units
  COMP4047 Internet and World Wide Web 3 units
  COMP4087 Selected Topics in Web Technology and Data Engineering 3 units
  COMP4105 Web Search Principles and Technology 3 units
  COMP4127 Information Security 3 units
  COMP4137 Blockchain Technology and Applications 3 units
  S2: Digital Media and Mobile Technology  
  COMP4025 Interactive Computer Graphics 3 units
  COMP4036 Digital Media Computing and Communications 3 units
  COMP4055 Medical Image Processing and Applications 3 units
  COMP4076 Selected Topics in Digital Media and Mobile Technology 3 units
  COMP4097 Mobile Computing 3 units
  S3: Intelligent Informatics  
  COMP4027 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 3 units
  COMP4045 Human Computer Interaction 3 units
  COMP4075 Social Computing and Web Intelligence 3 units
  COMP4085 Selected Topics in Intelligent Informatics 3 units
  COMP4125 Visual Analytics 3 units
  S4: Enterprise Systems and Business Intelligence  
  COMP3035 Health Information Technology 3 units
  COMP4016 Clinical Decision Support and Information Systems 3 units
  COMP4046 Information Systems Control and Auditing 3 units
  COMP4077 Selected Topics in Enterprise Systems and Business Intelligence 3 units
  COMP4096 Business Intelligence and Decision Support 3 units
  COMP4106 E-Business Technology 3 units
  COMP4126 Health Informatics: Technology and Practices 3 units
  S5: Computer Science Theory and Other Advanced Topics  
  COMP3005 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3 units
  COMP3045 Advanced Algorithm Design, Analysis and Implementation 3 units
  COMP3046 Advanced Programming for Software Development 3 units
  COMP4015 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 3 units
  COMP4026 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 3 units
  COMP4066 Principles of Programming Language 3 units
  COMP4067 Theory of Computation 3 units
  COMP4086 Selected Topics in Theoretical Computer Science 3 units


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