Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Concentration

We live in a VUCA world. Volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Organizations and individuals alike face the “new normal” where the only constant is change. By fostering entrepreneurial mindsets and business innovation we equip the new generations with competence and grit to thrive under the conditions of uncertainty and crisis. By applying the entrepreneurial logic to developing and running organizations, we help our future graduates to redefine the meaning of VUCA by turning volatility into vision, uncertainty into understanding, complexity into clarity, and ambiguity into agility.

Students will take a deep dive into entrepreneurial knowledge, develop highly transferable skills, and foster entrepreneurial mindsets that will allow them to become the agents of change. Upon graduation, students will be able to confidently leverage uncertainties in creating their own businesses, in leading innovation and change in well-established organizations they choose to work for, or in connecting various functional areas of business to generate strong synergies.

In short, our graduates will gain confidence to create, lead, and connect in the age of uncertainty.


 Concentration Required Courses 9 units
  BUSI2046 From Insight to Prototype: Generating Opportunities with Market Insights 3 units
  BUSI3057 Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures 3 units
  BUSI3065 Me, Us and Them: The Human Factor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation 3 units
 Concentration Elective Courses 12 units
  BUSI3037 Entrepreneurial Internship I 3 units
  BUSI4015 Corporate Entrepreneurship 3 units
  ECON3087 Understanding the Digital Economy 3 units
  ECON3105 Big Data Analytics 3 units
  FINE3025 Entrepreneurial Finance 3 units
  HRMN3016 Negotiation 3 units
  ISEM3027 Introduction to App Development and Mobile User Experience Design 3 units
  ISEM3036 Advanced Business Analytics and Data Visualization for Digital Commerce 3 units
  ISEM4006 Electronic Commerce 3 units
  ISEM4016 Web Site Design and Business Applications 3 units
  ISEM4017 Consumer Insight: Online Customer Data Analytics and Machine Learning Approaches  3 units
  LLAW3005 Company Law 3 units
  LLAW3015 Cyber Law and Risk 3 units
  MKTG3045 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3 units
    21 units
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