Marketing Concentration

The aim of the Marketing Concentration is to equip students with updated marketing knowledge as well as to nurture them to become competitive and ethical business leaders in the global marketplace. The Marketing Concentration balances theory and practice; students are provided with opportunities to apply learnt theories to resolve practical problems. Students are educated through a systematic pedagogical approach emphasising logical, analytical and critical thinking and to develop their ability to apply that thinking to solving real and practical marketing problems. Apart from fundamental marketing knowledge such as consumer behaviour, marketing research and strategic marketing, students can also pursue focused areas of marketing expertise, such as business to business marketing, marketing communication, campaign management, retailing management, sales management, and service marketing.

The objectives of the Marketing Concentration are:

  1. To enable students to build a solid foundation in understanding the role marketing plays in a business;
  2. To instill in students the unique characteristics and underlying principles of marketing management;
  3. To equip students with necessary theoretical knowledge as well as real-life experience to manage marketing programmes;
  4. To provide students with knowledge in managing a number of specialized marketing areas, such as sales management and service marketing; and
  5. To nurture a sense of ethics and social responsibility that prepares students to be visionary marketing leaders.


 Concentration Required Courses 15 units
  MKTG3005 Marketing Research Methods 3 units
  MKTG3007 Consumer Behaviour 3 units
  MKTG3015 Socially Responsible Marketing 3 units
  MKTG3026 Strategic Digital Marketing 3 units
  MKTG4005 Strategic Marketing 3 units
 Concentration Elective Courses 6 units
  BUSI3017 International Business 3 units
  MKTG3006 Global Marketing 3 units
  MKTG3016 Marketing Internship 3 units
  MKTG3017 Services Marketing 3 units
  MKTG3025 Integrated Marketing Communications 3 units
  MKTG3046 Sports Marketing 3 units
  MKTG3047 Big Data Marketing 3 units
  MKTG4006 Customer Relationship Management 3 units
  MKTG4007 Brand Management 3 units
  MKTG4015 Sales Management 3 units
  MKTG4016 Retailing 3 units
  MKTG4017 Business to Business Marketing 3 units
  MKTG4025 Marketing in China 3 units
  MKTG4026 Leisure Marketing 3 units
  MKTG4055 Event Marketing 3 units
  MKTG4056 Global Marketing Field Study 3 units
    21 units


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