Energy Management and Technology Concentration

This concentration provides foundation training in energy science and technology, including green energy generation, energy storage, energy audit and management. Such training helps our students to prepare for taking professional examinations*. Besides in-class learning and projects, students also have internship opportunities which will help them to prepare for careers in energy audit and consulting, energy/utility companies, green building and energy conservation as green energy professionals.

* For example,

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Concentration Required Courses 15 units
  PHYS2025 Renewable Energy Sources and Technologies I 3 units
  PHYS2026 Renewable Energy Sources and Technologies II 3 units
  PHYS3046 Non-Fossil Fuels 3 units
  PHYS4056 Energy Management I 3 units
  PHYS4057 Energy Management II 3 units
Concentration Elective Courses 6 units
  BIOL2035 Introduction to Environmental Sciences 3 units
  CHEM4006 Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control 3 units
  GEOG3007 Energy Problems and the Environment 3 units
  GEOG4016 Sustainable Energy and Technological Innovation in China 3 units
  GEOG4065 Energy Policy and Analysis 3 units
  PHYS3025 Physics and Technology of Energy Conversion 3 units
  PHYS4006 Advanced Green Energy Lab (Metrology) 3 units
  PHYS4007 Advances in Displays and Lighting 3 units
  PHYS4016 Renewable Energy Materials and Devices 3 units
  PHYS4035 Topics in Energy Science I 3 units
  PHYS4036 Topics in Energy Science II 3 units
  PHYS4037 Topics in Energy Science III 3 units
    21 units


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