Bachelor of Music (Honours) in Creative Industries

Programme Director: Prof YANG, Helan H L

The aims and objectives of the Programme are to:

  1. Provide a rigorous, progressive and relevant curriculum that develops musical knowledge and skills in media music;
  2. Train students to be professionally competent for the creative and entertainment industries;
  3. Enable each student to a high level of musical proficiency and achievement in the areas of popular music and composition for screen;
  4. Deliver a strong tertiary programme to enhance students’ creative, intellectual, and performance abilities necessary for a variety of careers in music; and
  5. Nurture creative talents in a liberal arts education setting.

 The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Major Courses 69 units
II) Honours Project 6 units
III) University Core Courses 13 units
IV) General Education Courses 18 units
V) Free Electives 22 units
    128 units


I. Major Courses 69 units
  Major Required Courses (26 units)  
  MUSI1005 Musicianship I 1 unit
  MUSI1015 Musicianship II 1 unit
  MUSI1018 Ensemble I 1 unit
  MUSI1019 Ensemble II 1 unit
  MUSI1037 Music Technology for Media 3 units
  MUSI1038 Music Theory I  3 units
  MUSI1039 Music Theory II 3 units
  MUSI2055 Western Music 3 units
  MUSI2056 Exploring Musical Cultures Worldwide 3 units
  MUSI3066 Music and Media 3 units
  MUSI4025 Special Topics in Music I 2 units
  MUSI4026 Special Topics in Music II 2 units
  Major Elective Courses (15 units)  
  MUSI1008 Applied Music I 1 unit
  MUSI1009 Applied Music II 1 unit
  MUSI1045 Introduction to Film Music 3 units
  MUSI1046 Introduction to Anglophone Popular Music  3 units
  MUSI1048 Composition for Screen I 2 units
  MUSI1049 Composition for Screen II 2 units
  MUSI1058 Instrumental/Vocal Techniques for Songwriters I 1 unit
  MUSI1059 Instrumental/Vocal Techniques for Songwriters II 1 unit
  MUSI2005 Chamber Music I 1 unit
  MUSI2007 Group Instrument/Vocal Study I 1 unit
  MUSI2008 Applied Music III 1 unit
  MUSI2009 Applied Music IV 1 unit
  MUSI2015 Musicianship III 1 unit
  MUSI2017 Chamber Music II 1 unit
  MUSI2018 Ensemble III 1 unit
  MUSI2019 Ensemble IV 1 unit
  MUSI2026 Group Instrument/Vocal Study II 1 unit
  MUSI2046 Electro-Acoustic Music I 3 units
  MUSI2047 Conducting I  3 units
  MUSI2048 Composition for Screen III 2 units
  MUSI2049 Composition for Screen IV 2 units
  MUSI2058 Instrumental/Vocal Techniques for Songwriters III 1 unit
  MUSI2059 Instrumental/Vocal Techniques for Songwriters IV 1 unit
  MUSI2068 Songwriting I 2 units
  MUSI2069 Songwriting II 2 units
  MUSI2078 Live Performance Workshop I 2 units
  MUSI2079 Live Performance Workshop II 2 units
  MUSI2088 Scoring Seminar I 2 units
  MUSI2089 Scoring Seminar II 2 units
  MUSI3005 Chamber Music III 1 unit
  MUSI3006 Chamber Music IV 1 unit
  MUSI3007 Group Instrument/Vocal Study III 1 unit
  MUSI3008 Applied Music V 1 unit
  MUSI3009 Applied Music VI 1 unit
  MUSI3015 Group Instrument/Vocal Study IV 1 unit
  MUSI3018 Ensemble V 1 unit
  MUSI3019 Ensemble VI 1 unit
  MUSI3026 Electro-Acoustic Music II 3 units
  MUSI3027 Conducting II 3 units
  MUSI3057 Musicianship IV 2 units
  MUSI3065 Service Leadership and Community Engagement in Music 3 units
  MUSI3067 Techniques of Sound Design 3 units
  MUSI3068 Production Seminar for Songwriters I 2 units
  MUSI3069 Production Seminar for Songwriters II 2 units
  MUSI3075 Collaborative Screen Project 3 units
  MUSI3076 Applied Orchestration for Screen 3 units
  MUSI3077 Arranging for Songwriters 2 units
  MUSI3078 Live Performance Workshop III 2 units
  MUSI3079 Live Performance Workshop IV 2 units
  MUSI3085 Introduction to Music Business and Music Marketing 3 units
  MUSI3086 Professional Development Internship 3 units
  MUSI3087 Iconic Figures of Chinese Popular Music 3 units
  MUSI3088 Scoring Seminar III 2 units
  MUSI3089 Scoring Seminar IV 2 units
  MUSI3095 Listening to Chinese Music 3 units
  MUSI3096 Legal Perspective in the Creative Arts 3 units
  MUSI4007 Chamber Music V 1 unit
  MUSI4008 Applied Music VII 1 unit
  MUSI4009 Applied Music VIII 1 unit
  MUSI4015 Chamber Music VI  1 unit
  MUSI4017 Conducting III 3 units
  MUSI4018 Ensemble VII 1 unit
  MUSI4019 Ensemble VIII 1 unit
  MUSI4027 Special Topics in Music III 2 units
  MUSI4035 Special Topics in Music IV 2 units
  Concentration Required Courses (28 units)  
  (see each concentration)  
II. Honours Project 6 units
  MUSI4878 Honours Project I 3 units
  MUSI4879 Honours Project II 3 units
III. University Core Courses 13 units
IV. General Education Courses 18 units
V. Free Electives 22 units
    128 units

The concentrations offered:

- Popular Music Performance and Songwriting Concentration
- Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games Concentration

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