Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Music

The aims and objectives of the Programme are to:

  1. Provide a rigorous, relevant, and progressive curriculum that develops the musical knowledge, aesthetic concepts, creativity, and skills essential for a successful musician in the 21st Century;
  2. Enable each student to develop a high level of musical proficiency, achievement, and musicianship;
  3. Provide a strong tertiary programme of study that develops the creative, intellectual, and performance abilities necessary for a variety of careers in music;
  4. Provide a programme of study that utilises modern technology to enhance traditional music learning and to encourage its use in creation, scholarship, performance, and teaching; and
  5. Provide a programme that encourages self reliance, stimulates powers of communication, and develops analytical and independent thinking.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Major Courses 69 units
II) Honours Project 6 units
III) University Core Courses 13 units
IV) General Education Courses 18 units
V) Free Electives 22 units
    128 units


I. Major Courses 69 units
  Major Required Courses (44 units)  
  MUSI1005 Musicianship I 1 unit
  MUSI1006 Theory and Structure of Music I 3 units
  MUSI1007 Western Music History I 3 units
  MUSI1008 Applied Music I 1 unit
  MUSI1009 Applied Music II 1 unit
  MUSI1015 Musicianship II 1 unit
  MUSI1016 Theory and Structure of Music II 3 units
  MUSI1017 Western Music History II 3 units
  MUSI1018 Ensemble I 1 unit
  MUSI1019 Ensemble II 1 unit
  MUSI1025 Chinese Music I 2 units
  MUSI1026 Chinese Music II 2 units
  MUSI1028 Music Colloquium I 0 unit
  MUSI1029 Music Colloquium II 0 unit
  MUSI2006 Compositional Techniques of the 20th Century and Beyond 3 units
  MUSI2008 Applied Music III 1 unit
  MUSI2009 Applied Music IV 1 unit
  MUSI2015 Musicianship III 1 unit
  MUSI2016 Music Technology I 3 units
  MUSI2018 Ensemble III 1 unit
  MUSI2019 Ensemble IV 1 unit
  MUSI2025 Form and Analysis I 3 units
  MUSI2028 Music Colloquium III 0 unit
  MUSI2029 Music Colloquium IV 0 unit
  MUSI3008 Applied Music V 1 unit
  MUSI3009 Applied Music VI 1 unit
  MUSI3018 Ensemble V 1 unit
  MUSI3019 Ensemble VI 1 unit
  MUSI3028 Music Colloquium V 0 unit
  MUSI3029 Music Colloquium VI 0 unit
  MUSI4008 Applied Music VII 1 unit
  MUSI4009 Applied Music VIII 1 unit
  MUSI4018 Ensemble VII 1 unit
  MUSI4019 Ensemble VIII 1 unit
  MUSI4028 Music Colloquium VII 0 unit
  MUSI4029 Music Colloquium VIII 0 unit
  Major Elective Courses (4 units)  
  MUSI3036 Chinese Music Topic I 2 units
  MUSI3037 Chinese Music Topic II 2 units
  MUSI3045 Comparative Studies of Asian and Western Music 2 units
  MUSI3046 Western Music History Topic I 2 units
  MUSI3047 Western Music History Topic II 2 units
  Concentration Required Courses (21 units)  
  (see each concentration)  
II. Honours Project 6 units
  MUSI4898 Honours Project I 3 units
  MUSI4899 Honours Project II 3 units
III. University Core Courses 13 units
IV. General Education Courses 18 units
V. Free Electives 22 units
    128 units

The concentrations offered:

- Composition Concentration
- Directed Studies Concentration
- Music Education Concentration
- Performance Concentration

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