Master of Science in Applied Economics

Programme Director: Dr CAO, Kang Hua

This programme provides a balanced training in advanced economic theories and a set of analytical tools necessary for evaluating business strategies or formulating government policies. Students will have opportunities to study areas of applications at the frontiers such as data analytics, digital economy, industrial organization and risk management. In the era of information and communication technology, we endeavour to equip our graduates with strategic economic thinking and programming skills for business analysis and policy evaluation, which are the essential elements in both the private and public sectors. 

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Courses 12 units
II) Elective Courses 18 units
    30 units


I. Required Courses 12 units
  ECON7100 Graduate Workshops and Seminars 3 units
  ECON7790 Microeconomics 3 units
  ECON7820 Advanced Microeconomics 3 units
  ECON7800 Macroeconomics 3 units
  ECON7830 Advanced Macroeconomics 3 units
  ECON7810 Econometric for Economic Analysis 3 units
II. Elective Courses 18 units
  Six of the following courses: 
  ECON7025 Business Economics Internship 3 units
  ECON7110 Advanced Econometrics 3 units
  ECON7210 International Trade 3 units
  ECON7220 International Finance 3 units
  ECON7230 Monetary Economics 3 units
  ECON7240 Economic Development and Growth 3 units
  ECON7250 Financial Economics 3 units
  ECON7260 Economic Analysis of the Firm 3 units
  ECON7270 Topics in Microeconomics 3 units
  ECON7280 Topics in Macroeconomics 3 units
  ECON7310 Economic Institutions in China 3 units
  ECON7320 Public Finance and Monetary Economics in China 3 units
  ECON7330 Foreign Economic Policies of China 3 units
  ECON7340 Productivity Analysis of the Chinese Economy 3 units
  ECON7350 Corporate Finance and Governance in China 3 units
  ECON7410 Development and Policies of Hong Kong's Major Economic Sectors 3 units
  ECON7420 Applied Time Series Analysis and Forecasting 3 units
  ECON7430 Applied Cost-Benefit Analysis 3 units
  ECON7440 Applied Economics Research Paper 3 units
  ECON7450 Energy Economics 3 units
  ECON7460 Banking and Capital Markets 3 units
  ECON7470 Environmental Economics 3 units
  ECON7480 Industrial Organization 3 units
  ECON7490 Business Economics Field Study 3 units
  ECON7640 Economics of Digital Currencies 3 units
  ECON7780 Economic and Financial Risk Management for Financial Institutions 3 units
  ECON7840 Big Data Analytics for Business 3 units
  ECON7850 Economics of Digital Markets 3 units
    30 units
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