School Leadership and Management Concentration

The School Leadership and Management (SLM) Concentration is intended for serving principals, aspiring principals and professionals in education or in other areas who want to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for leading and managing schools.


  1. To enrich knowledge and skills in, and to critically and contextually analyse and reflect on issues related to, the six core leadership areas for school leaders, namely:
    - strategic direction and policy environment;
    - learning, teaching and curriculum;
    - teacher professional growth and development;
    - staff and resources management;
    - quality assurance and accountability; and
    - connection to the outside world;
  2. To experience and report action learning that enhances professionalism and leadership in education; and
  3. To demonstrate professional gain through learning of theories in leadership and management.


Concentration Required Courses  12 units
  EDUC7720 Strategic Planning, Qualitative Assurance and Networking of Schools 3 units
  EDUC7730 Curriculum Development and Resource Management in Schools 3 units
  EDUC7740 Managing Change in Schools 3 units
  EDUC7750 Leadership and Team Building in Schools 3 units
    12 units
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