Applied Physics Concentration

The Applied Physics Concentration provides mathematical and theoretical skills that are essential for further study or technology applications. The upper level courses are designed to (1) strengthen analytical and experimental physics skills, and (2) tackle applied physics problems in modern technology. Students who opt for this concentration will be ready to go on to graduate schools in the relevant disciplines or engage in careers in technology or industry.


Concentration Required Courses 15 units
  PHYS2017 Mathematical Methods for Physical Sciences II 3 units
  PHYS2027 Mechanics 3 units
  PHYS3027 Intermediate Electromagnetism 3 units
  PHYS3047 Thermal and Statistical Physics 3 units
  PHYS4046 Quantum Mechanics 3 units
Concentration Elective Courses 6 units
  PHYS2115 Electronics 3 units
  PHYS4017 Semiconductor Physics and Devices 3 units
  PHYS4026 Surface Analysis and Characterization 3 units
  PHYS4045 Electromagnetic Waves and Optics 3 units
  PHYS4047 Advanced Functional Materials 3 units
  PHYS4055 Advanced Experimental Lab 3 units
  PHYS4065 Topics in Physics I 3 units
  PHYS4066 Topics in Physics II 3 units
  PHYS4067 Topics in Physics III 3 units
  PHYS4075 Solid State Physics 3 units
  SCIP4005 Interdisciplinary Topics in Science - Organic Electronics 3 units
    21 units


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