Finance Concentration

Individuals, government officials, and business executives make financial decisions. These decisions can be classified into two basic categories: (1) the investment decision and (2) the financial decision. The first involves identifying and selecting the most appropriate investments. The second deals with where and how to raise the necessary cash to finance the chosen investments. Depending on its nature, a financial decision can be vital to the well-being of the persons or the organisations concerned.

To make the right decision with confidence, the decision-maker needs both specific knowledge and relevant experience. The BBA (Hons) degree programme with the Concentration in Finance prepares students to be competent financial decision-makers. It provides students with a general understanding of the various management functions and a specific education in major aspects of finance.

With relevant experience, graduates from this programme, whether in the capacity of business executives or government officials, have the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to make sound financial decisions and thereby to contribute significantly to the success of their organisations.

In the first year, all students follow a common study programme while a modest amount of specialisation in finance is provided in the second and third years. Applications to the case of Hong Kong are stressed throughout the programme.


 Concentration Required Courses 12 units
  FINE3005 Investment Management 3 units
  FINE3006 Introduction to Futures and Options Markets 3 units
  FINE3007 Fixed Income Securities 3 units
  FINE3015 Corporate Finance 3 units
 Concentration Elective Courses 9 units
  FINE2006 Banking and Credit 3 units
  FINE3016 Financial Forecasting 3 units
  FINE3017 Management of Financial Institutions 3 units
  FINE3025 Entrepreneurial Finance 3 units
  FINE3026 Finance Internship 3 units
  FINE4005 Multinational Finance 3 units
  FINE4006 Financial Risk Management 3 units
  FINE4007 Seminar in Finance 3 units
  FINE4015 Advanced Financial Planning 3 units
  FINE4016 Business Valuation Using Financial Statements 3 units
  FINE4017 Financial Markets in China 3 units
  FINE4025 Compliance in Finance 3 units
  FINE4026 Financial Technology for Banking and Finance 3 units
  FINE4027 Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring 3 units
  ISEM4035 Blockchain: Cryptocurrencies and Business Applications 3 units
    21 units


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