Master of Science in Global Marketing Management

Programme Director:  Prof SIU, Noel Y M

We are the pioneer in Hong Kong in offering a Joint Award in global marketing management to be delivered by the Department of Marketing, Hong Kong Baptist University and the Marketing Division of the Management School, University of Sheffield. Students spend the first semester studying in the United Kingdom and the second semester studying in Hong Kong, leading to a single degree to be issued jointly by the awarding institutions.

The programme aims to develop marketing practitioners and provide expertise in the effective management of marketing on a global basis. It is therefore designed to highlight the systematic nature of the marketing function and its interconnectedness with organisational strategy. Our objectives are to equip students with the substantive and operational knowledge as well as the skills and competences needed to function as a global marketing practitioner. The programme utilises the synergies of having two partnering institutions located in different regions of the world (one in the East and one in the West)—bringing global exposure to students.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Courses 27 units
II) Dissertation 9 units
    36 units*

* 1 HKBU unit shall be counted as equivalent to 5 TUOS credits of the University of Sheffield.


I. Required Courses 27 units
  Semester 1: 75 TUOS at the University of Sheffield
  MGT 6073 Global Marketing 15 TUOS
  MGT 6145 Marketing Management 15 TUOS
  MGT 6180 Contemporary Marketing Practices 15 TUOS
  MGT 6181 Marketing Communications 15 TUOS
  MGT 6182 International Consumer Behaviour 15 TUOS
  Semester 2: 12 units at HKBU
  MKT 7250 International Services Marketing Management 3 units
  MKT 7260 Strategic Marketing 3 units
  MKT 7270 International Marketing Research 3 units
  MKT 7280 Socially Responsible Marketing in an International Context 3 units
II. Dissertation 9 units
  Summer: a student shall take either at the University of Sheffield or HKBU
  MGT 689 Project Dissertation 45 TUOS
  MKT 7290 Project Dissertation 9 units
    36 units

Exempted Course at Non-local Courses Registry, Education Bureau (Reference number: 452359/452445). It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.

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