Information Systems and Business Intelligence Concentration

Recent years have witnessed new technologies, changing customer behaviours and exponentially growing data volumes in the business world. The emergence of Data Analytics has since provided streamlined and automated capabilities for corporations to assess their risks and opportunities, ultimately paving the way for informed and optimised decision-making processes. The zest to harness data is equally if not more earnestly shared in the public domain, as was clearly evidenced by the “Smart City” initiatives announced by the Hong Kong SAR Government in October 2017, calling for digital innovations and integration of data management to achieve a sustainable quality of living.

The Information Systems Business Intelligence (ISBI) concentration has always been uniquely positioned to meet and respond the ever-changing needs of businesses in a technology-driven economy. Our curriculum has been enabling students to explore a plethora of hot topics in Data Analytics, their Business Intelligence applications across various financial industries and sectors, as well as the collateral policy and regulatory implications. Through the acquisition of first-hand experience in the latest business technologies, students can develop a solid understanding on the structures and processes that convert data into strategic assets.

The concentration promote the concept of a seamless integration of businesses, data and technology. We envision our graduates to be the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders who are capable to navigate the rapidly transforming technological demands of the business world and our society.

Our courses prepare students to make use of the latest digital technologies to drive innovations both inside organisations or starting up new ventures. Students will learn not only how innovative technologies can enable digital transformation of existing business and create new digital businesses, they will also learn hands-on the technologies involved, such as apps development, mobile user experience, development of web-based businesses, performing customer data analytics using machine learning, as well as cybersecurity. This will equip the students to face the challenges of the fast-paced digital business transformation and innovation that is happening right now.

For students who are interested in Fintech and Business Analytics, our curriculum prepares them to face the challenges in the rapidly changing financial industry by equipping them with the knowledge of finance, technology, and data analytics. With the rise of the blockchain, artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies, many old ways of doing business have been changed by new models/technologies such as Algo-trading, Robo-advisor, Robotic Process Automation, End-to-end Digital Payment and Cryptocurrency, Crowd-based Capital Raising, Internet of Things and more. Students will not only understand the new way of doing business in various domains of the financial industry, but also other technical mechanisms behind the new business models. Furthermore, the courses will discuss the policy and regulatory implications of the disruptive technology and new business model.


 Concentration Required Courses 9 units
  ISEM2006 Programming for Business Applications using Python 3 units
  ISEM3005 Business Systems Analysis and Design 3 units
  ISEM3006 Data Management in Business 3 units
 Concentration Elective Courses 12 units
  BUSI2007 Management Science 3 units
  FINE4026 Financial Technology for Banking and Finance 3 units
  ISEM3007 e-Marketing 3 units
  ISEM3026 ISEM Internship 3 units
  ISEM3027 Introduction to App Development and Mobile User Experience Design 3 units
  ISEM3035 Introduction to Business Data Analytics and Visualization 3 units
  ISEM3036 Advanced Business Analytics and Data Visualization for Digital Commerce 3 units
  ISEM4006 Electronic Commerce 3 units
  ISEM4015 Seminar in Information Systems and Business Intelligence 3 units
  ISEM4016 Web Site Design and Business Applications 3 units
  ISEM4017 Consumer Insight: Online Customer Data Analytics and Machine Learning Approaches 3 units
  ISEM4025 Information Systems Auditing 3 units
  ISEM4026 Information Technology Governance and Management 3 units
  ISEM4035 Blockchain: Cryptocurrencies and Business Applications 3 units
  ISEM4036 Cybersecurity and Data Privacy 3 units
    21 units
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