Master of Social Sciences in Sport and Leisure Management

The Master of Social Sciences in Sport and Leisure Management provides opportunities for students to take a reflective and interdisciplinary approach to the planning, provision, and management of sport and leisure. The programme also emphasises a life-span approach to understanding the relationship among sport, leisure, and well-being and offers students with opportunities for active learning in various settings. The following objectives are set:

  1. To advance students’ understanding of the planning and provision of sport and leisure from a life-span perspective, including the provision of inclusive programmes;
  2. To advance students’ skills and knowledge in the management of sport and leisure;
  3. To enable students to become reflective and critical practitioners to assess and respond to changing needs of the society; and
  4. To enhance students’ competence in reading and conducting independent project.

Most courses are taught by a combination of lecture-discussions and seminars held on weekday evenings and/or Saturday mornings.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Courses 6 units
II) Elective Courses 21 units
    27 units


For graduation, students must complete 27 units from coursework within the duration of the programme and obtain:

  1. Grade C- or above in all courses, and
  2. A cumulative GPA of 2.50 or above.

Students can select two-year part-time or one-year full-time study mode. With special permission a student may extend his or her study but in no cases would the period of study be allowed to exceed one more calendar year of the selected study mode.

I. Required Courses 6 units
  SLM 7020 Management Skills and Communications 3 units
  SLM 7100 Research Methods 3 units
II. Elective Courses 21 units
  SLM 7010 Foundations in Sport and Leisure Management* 3 units
  SLM 7030 Management of Human Resources 3 units
  SLM 7040 Planning and Developing Sport and Leisure Facilities 3 units
  SLM 7050 Marketing of Sport and Leisure Services 3 units
  SLM 7060 Financial Management 3 units
  SLM 7070 Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Sport and Leisure 3 units
  SLM 7080 Health Promotion 3 units
  SLM 7090 Development and Management of Sport and Leisure Services for Different Target Groups 3 units
  SLM 7140 Event Management 3 units
  SLM 7150 Independent Project 3 units
  SLM 7160 Sports Analytics 3 units
  SLM 7170 Practicum 3 units
    27 units

* Required course for non-local students and students of non-PE/sport and recreation management major undergraduates.

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