Higher Diploma in Management

The Higher Diploma in Management Programme is designed to provide students with comprehensive management knowledge and integrated industry and profession-specific skills, together with the necessary competencies to enhance students' employability.  Students must complete 63 units which normally require two years of full-time study.  They choose one specialisation from the following disciplines:

- Justice Administration and Law Enforcement
- Sport and Healthy Living
- Aviation Administration

The structure of the curriculum is as follows: 

I) Generic Skills Courses 15 units
II) Discipline Required Courses 33 units
III) Specialisation Courses 15 units
    63 units


I. Generic Skills Courses 15 units
  HDGS0301 English for Business 3 units
  HDGS0302 Applied Putonghua 3 units
  HDGS0303 Practical Chinese Writing 3 units
  HDGS0304 Business Mathematics 3 units
  HDGS0305 Personal Growth and Development 3 units
II. Discipline Required Courses 33 units
  HDMT1301 Principles of Accounting 3 units
  HDMT1302 Principles of Marketing 3 units
  HDMT1303 Supply Chain and Operations Management 3 units
  HDMT1304 Financial Management 3 units
  HDMT1305 Human Resources Management 3 units
  HDMT1306 Principles of Management 3 units
  HDMT1307 Business Economics 3 units
  HDMT1308 Technology, Business and Society 3 units
  HDMT1309 Organizational Behaviour 3 units
  HDMT1310 International Business 3 units
  HDMT1311 Management Project 3 units
III. Specialisation Courses 15 units
  Justice Administration and Law Enforcement  
  HDMT2301 Introduction to Criminal Justice System and Law Enforcement in Hong Kong 3 units
  HDMT2302 Crimes and Criminal Law 3 units
  HDMT2303 Public Policy and Administration 3 units
  HDMT2304 Practices of Law Enforcement in Hong Kong 3 units
  HDMT2305 Policing and Law Enforcement Agencies in Hong Kong 3 units
  Sport and Healthy Living  
  HDMT2306 Healthy Living and Applications 3 units
  HDMT2307 Sport and Recreation 3 units
  HDMT2308 Physical Activity and Health 3 units
  HDMT2309 Risk Management in Sport 3 units
  HDMT2310 Sport Facility Design and Management 3 units
  Aviation Administration  
  HDMT2311 Airline Business and Operations 3 units
  HDMT2312 Airport Operations and Management 3 units
  HDMT2313 Safety Management Systems in Aviation 3 units
  HDMT2314 Service Management in Aviation Industry 3 units
  HDMT2315 Air Freight Operations 3 units
    63 units


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