Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games Concentration


Concentration Required Courses 28 units
  Contextual Studies  
  MUSI1045 Introduction to Film Music 3 units
  Skill Development  
  MUSI1048 Composition for Screen I 2 units
  MUSI1049 Composition for Screen II 2 units
  MUSI2048 Composition for Screen III 2 units
  MUSI2049 Composition for Screen IV 2 units
  MUSI3067 Techniques of Sound Design 3 units
  MUSI3076 Applied Orchestration for Screen 3 units
  MUSI2088 Scoring Seminar I 2 units
  MUSI2089 Scoring Seminar II 2 units
  MUSI3075 Collaborative Screen Project 3 units
  MUSI3088 Scoring Seminar III 2 units
  MUSI3089 Scoring Seminar IV 2 units
    28 units


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