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As a Christian institution of higher education, Hong Kong Baptist University endeavours to uphold Christian principles in the pursuit of knowledge and truth in all areas of human concern. The University recognises the importance of providing an adequate opportunity for the development of interest in the Christian faith as well as for growth towards spiritual maturity.

Chaplain’s Office

The Chaplain’s Office is responsible for planning, organising, directing and supervising Christian programmes and activities on campus. Staff members in the Chaplain’s Office render pastoral care and personal counselling among other ministries to students and staff on campus. The Recreation Centre is under the supervision of the Chaplain’s Office as an added opportunity for service to the University community. The Chaplain is assisted by a team of capable and committed staff.

Christian Programmes and Activities

Weekly Noontime Worship

To fulfil the need for the University Christian community to gather on campus for corporate worship and fellowship for personal edification, the Noontime Worship meets weekly with programmes that include hymn-singing, prayer, scripture reading and a devotional message. Noontime Worship is held at 1:00–1:40 p.m. every Wednesday in the campus, followed by a light lunch fellowship. All students and staff are welcome.

The Chapel at the Student Residence Halls

The Chaplain’s Office in coordination with partner churches offers a worship service on Sunday mornings in the Reverend James Mau Memorial Chapel located in the Student Residence Halls on the Baptist University Road campus. This student oriented ministry will offer worship, discipleship, fellowship and outreach opportunities for students living in the halls who may be interested in Christianity or who may not wish to return to their home churches every Sunday.

Christian Emphasis Week

Each semester the Chaplain’s Office organises Christian Emphasis Week. During this special week, programmes are arranged to expose members of the University community to the fundamental concepts of the Christian faith with opportunities for members to respond personally to the challenges thereof. Special programmes include evangelistic meetings, spiritual revival meetings, seminars and other activities.

Recreation Centre

The Recreation Centre, located at OEE606, is open to the University community. Leisure facilities, such as Table Tennis, Boardgame, Digital Piano, are provided to help ease the burden from study and work. The Centre also organises various activities for student connection and cultural exchange.

Baccalaureate Service for Graduands

Each year the Chaplain’s Office plans and organises a Baccalaureate Service for graduating students. The Baccalaureate Service is a time for worship and thanksgiving expressing gratitude and praise to God for the successful completion of study and research by students in fulfilment of their respective degree requirements of Hong Kong Baptist University.

Faith-in-Practice Forum

Faith-in-Practice Forum is an annual forum organised for the University community and the public.  It is grounded on the motto of the University: Faith and Perseverance, to enhance the development of whole person built upon Christian faith and heritage.

Christian Counselling

The Chaplain’s Office through the ministry of Christian counselling offers assistance to those members of the university community:

  1. who seek personal growth and development;
  2. who seek to cope more effectively with personal and spiritual problems amid life crises;
  3. who seek assistance in resolving interpersonal tensions and/or in relating effectively with other persons; and
  4. who seek relief from life patterns that are self-defeating and cause personal unhappiness. 

Christian Student Organisations/Activities

The Chaplain’s office encourages students to take part in activities organised by the Christian Student Organisations which have been registered with the Chaplain’s Office.

  1. Christian Student Union (CSU)
    The Christian Student Union is a Christian student organisation that promotes Christian ministries for students on campus. Through the CSU, students enjoy fellowship, experience personal growth and gain knowledge and experience of the Christian faith.
  2. Christian Choir (CC)
    The Christian Choir is composed of Christian students who are passionate in singing and devoted to giving witness and service to God through the medium of sacred music. The Christian Choir ministers both on and off campus.
  3. Christian Band (CB)
    The Christian Band is composed of Christian members who are eager to confirm their specific role of service through band music. The Band aims to explore and develop their spiritual gifts while striving to reach their best potential and witnessing for the Lord, both on and off campus.
  4. CIE Christian Fellowship (CIECF)
    Students who are enrolled in the School of Continuing Education’s College of International Education are welcome to participate in the CIE Christian Fellowship. This is a Christian student organisation that functions in a manner similar to CSU and shares the common purposes of fellowship, personal growth, and discipleship training.
  5. Cell Groups
    Cell groups are formed according to students’ academic departments and studying year for the purpose of Bible study, prayer, and Christian fellowship. Apart from the UGC departmental cell groups, the Chaplain’s Office also provides relevant support to develop Yi Jin Christian Fellowship (YJCF); Early Childhood Education (ECE) Fellowship and Nurse*Zone (Nursing).
  6. Leadership Training
    Leadership training is provided for interested students on campus in an effort to better equip individuals to become more effective disciples and leaders.
  7. Language Classes
    As part of the outreach programme, the Chaplain’s Office provides language conversation groups in English, Cantonese and Putonghua on an informal basis for interested students and/or staff. English and Putonghua Bible Study Groups also assist group members in improving language skills.
  8. Bible Study Groups
    A number of Bible study groups are available each semester in English, Cantonese, and Putonghua for interested staff and students.
  9. Serendipity Groups
    The activities of these groups provide students with opportunities to gain a better understanding of and have contact with the less fortunate and/or minority groups of society through involvement in various outreach ministries.
  10. Mission Tours
    Mission tours foster, strengthen and encourage the spirit of outreach ministry and provide opportunities for Christian students to obtain first-hand experience in mission involvement outside Hong Kong in keeping with the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.
  11. Spiritual Mentoring
    Any Christian student and staff are welcomed to join the spiritual mentoring program. Spiritual mentoring focuses on the daily experience of a believer. It attempts to direct believers to see how his or her experience is related to Christian faith and ultimately to one’s relationship with God.

Faculty and Staff Assembly

A monthly assembly is provided for all faculty and staff members for the purpose of developing and maintaining a sense of University community and collegiality. The programmes include addresses from the President and Vice-Chancellor and/or Vice Presidents, Christmas celebrations, Easter celebrations, and other special events. A tea fellowship immediately follows each Faculty and Staff Assembly to strengthen and enhance the sense of community. 

Christian Staff Fellowship

The Christian Staff Fellowship is a Christian organisation that seeks to unite Christian colleagues for providing mutual support and encouragement and for developing a more caring community on campus. Regular activities include weekly Monday prayer meeting and Friday gatherings, occasional gospel luncheons, fund-raising events in support of chaplaincy ministries on campus and for the needy.

Staff Choir

The Staff Choir is composed of members of faculty and staff who are interested in choral music. The Staff Choir meets every Tuesday and is devoted to give service to God and to the University community.

Ancillary Staff Fellowship

Programmes and regular activities with religious and recreational themes such as gospel luncheons, outings and festivals celebrations are provided for the ancillary staff of the University.

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