Master of Social Sciences in Social Work

Programme Directors:  Dr SHUM, Michelle H Y (Full-time Two-Year) 
                                        Dr WONG, King Lai (Part-time Two-Year) 

The Master of Social Sciences in Social Work is designed for bachelor’s degree graduates who would like to pursue a recognised social work qualification (RSW) at a master’s degree level. The programme aims at preparing students for reflective professional practice in social work. The objectives of the programme are:

  1. To develop competent professionals who are critical, reflective and capable of generic social work practice and competent to face the challenges confronting social work in the changing society; and
  2. To educate graduate students to achieve the academic and professional qualification that is eligible for registration as Registered Social Workers in Hong Kong on the basis of a recognised social work degree.

Upon graduation, the graduates can:

  1. Evaluate the changing social needs, societal context and practice in line with the values and the ethical principles of social work;
  2. Integrate theory and practice, and identify new theories and innovative practice;
  3. Apply social work skills at various levels of intervention;
  4. Critically evaluate professional social work activities and service programmes to advocate for appropriate welfare and service reforms;
  5. Examine power, diversity and social justice in social issues, social work practice and social policy; and
  6. Appraise the value of life-long learning and professional development.

The 37-unit programme is designed to be completed in two calendar years. For full-time learning, students should complete a summer placement in Year 1 and a placement in semester 2 of Year 2 for those who select to have overseas placement.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Social Work Courses 21 units
II) Elective Courses 3 units
III) Integrative Tutorials 3 units
IV) Fieldwork Placements 10 units
    37 units


I. Social Work Courses 21 units
  SOWK7040 Research and Programme Evaluation 3 units
  SOWK7610 Society and Social Policy 3 units
  SOWK7620 Human Development and Cultural Differences 3 units
  SOWK7630 Social Work Theory and Practice I 3 units
  SOWK7641 Social Work Theory and Practice II 1 unit
  SOWK7642 Social Work Theory and Practice II 3 units
  SOWK7650 Management in Human Service Organizations 3 units
  SOWK7770 Social Work, Law and Social Justice 2 units
  SOWK7810 Community Study# 0 unit
II. Elective Courses 3 units
  SOWK7120 Child and Adolescent Mental Health 3 units
  SOWK7430 Narrative Approach to Counselling 3 units
  SOWK7670 Social Work Project 3 units
  SOWK7720 Social Work with Older People 3 units
  SOWK7730 Social Work with Youth 3 units
  SOWK7740 Social Work with People with Mental Health Problems 3 units
  SOWK7750 Social Work with Disadvantaged Groups 3 units
  SOWK7760 Special Topics in Social Work 3 units
  SOWK7820 Social Work with Families# 3 units
  SOWK7840 Data Methodology in Social Sciences Research 3 units
  SOWK7890 Career Facilitation and Counselling 3 units
III. Integrative Tutorials 3 units
  SOWK7680 Social Work Integrative Tutorial I 1 unit
  SOWK7690 Social Work Integrative Tutorial II 1 unit
  SOWK7780 Social Work Integrative Tutorial III 1 unit
IV. Fieldwork Placements 10 units
  SOWK7700 Fieldwork Practice I 5 units
  SOWK7710 Fieldwork Practice II 5 units
    37 units

# For full-time mode students only.

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