Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Language and Literature and Bachelor of Education (Honours) in English Language Teaching

Programme Director: Dr CHOR, Winnie

The BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature and BEd (Hons) in English Language Teaching programme is a five-year full-time programme leading to the award of a “double degree” in English. It is jointly offered by the Department of English Language and Literature and the Department of Education Studies. It provides thorough preparation in two distinct disciplines: English Language and Literature and Education Studies. Students who successfully complete the programme will hold recognised teaching status and will have satisfied the government’s English proficiency requirement for professional English language teachers. In addition, students will be equipped with knowledge and skills in teaching English in both primary and secondary schools. They will be required to select their option of study—i.e. either Dual Foci (for primary and secondary language teaching) or Secondary-in-depth Focus (for secondary language teaching) in Year 3. During their studies, students will undertake periods of school experience and supervised teaching practice, and during the summer preceding Year 3, they will embark on a six to eight weeks’ Overseas Immersion Programme designed to enhance their learning in an English-speaking environment. Off-Campus Learning is offered during the second semester of Year 3. Students will also be required to follow a number of University Core, General Education and Social Sciences Common Core courses outside their two disciplines.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) English Courses 51 units
II) Education Courses 51 units
III) Honours Project 6 units
IV) Social Sciences Common Core 4 units
V) Overseas Immersion Programme 3 units
VI) One-Semester Off Campus Learning 12 units
VII) University Core Courses 13 units
VIII) General Education Courses 18 units
IX) Free Electives 9 units
    167 units


I. English Courses 51 units
  English Required Courses (27 units)  
  Introduction to Language and Literature  
  ENGL2005 Introduction to the Study of Language 3 units
  ENGL2007 Literary and Comparative Studies 3 units
  Requisite Skills  
  ENGL3005 Research Skills in English Language and Literature 3 units
  Background to Western Cultural and Literary Traditions  
  ENGL2006 Language, Culture and Society  3 units
  ENGL2015 Literature and Culture  3 units
  ENGL2025 The Art of Storytelling 3 units
  Language Studies  
  ENGL2016 Sounds of English around the World 3 units
  ENGL2017 Stepping Stones in English Grammar 3 units
  ENGL2026 Argumentation and Persuasion 3 units
  ENGL2027 Academic and Professional Writing 3 units
  English Elective Courses (24 units)  
  Students must take a total of eight Major Elective Courses (24 units). At least four of the total eight courses must be at 3000 level or above. 
  ENGL1005 English, Creativity and Culture 3 units
  ENGL2035 The Short Story 3 units
  ENGL2036 Pre-Modern Drama 3 units
  ENGL2076 Poetry 3 units
  ENGL2077 Critical Approaches to Literature 3 units
  ENGL2086 Poetry and Poetics 3 units
  ENGL2095 Foundations of Language Studies 3 units
  ENGL3007 Discourse Studies 3 units
  ENGL3015 Creative Writing 3 units
  ENGL3025 Faces of Comparative Literature 3 units
  ENGL3026 Special Topic in Language 3 units
  ENGL3027 Special Topic in Linguistic Theory 3 units
  ENGL3036 Chinese-Western Literary Relations 3 units
  ENGL3037 Creative Writing Workshop 3 units
  ENGL3045 Great Novels in English 3 units
  ENGL3046 Literature and the Nobel Prize 3 units
  ENGL3055 Literature and Film 3 units
  ENGL3066 Modern and Contemporary Drama 3 units
  ENGL3096 The Child and Literature 3 units
  ENGL3105 Twentieth-Century Literature 3 units
  ENGL3106 Modern and Contemporary Poetry 3 units
  ENGL3107 Acquiring and Learning a Language 3 units
  ENGL3115 Studying Hong Kong Through the Lens of Language 3 units
  ENGL3116 Hong Kong Literature 3 units
  ENGL3205 Components of a Word 3 units
  ENGL3206 Critical Discourse Analysis 3 units
  ENGL3207 Language and Intercultural Communication 3 units
  ENGL3305 Studying Meaning 3 units
  ENGL3306 Understanding Phonological Patterns 3 units
  ENGL3307 Architecture of Grammar 3 units
  ENGL3405 Shakespeare as Dramatist 3 units
  ENGL4006 Advanced Topic in Language 3 units
  ENGL4007 Advanced Topic in Linguistic Theory 3 units
  ENGL4016 American Popular Fiction after 1950 3 units
  ENGL4017 Advanced Seminar in Language and Gender 3 units
  ENGL4025 Analysing Multimodal Communication 3 units
  ENGL4026 Exploring Intercultural Communication through Films and Literature 3 units
  ENGL4027 Exploring Bilingualism and Bilingual Education 3 units
  ENGL4035 Functional Grammar 3 units
  ENGL4036 Language, Communication and Advertising 3 units
  ENGL4037 Language and the Workplace 3 units
  ENGL4045 Language in Education 3 units
  ENGL4046 Hong Kong Stories in English 3 units
  ENGL4047 Perspectives on Universal Themes 3 units
  ENGL4055 Stories of English 3 units
  ENGL4056 Theoretical Linguist Meets World 3 units
  ENGL4057 Unravelling Syntax 3 units
  ENGL4065 Dystopian Fiction 3 units
  ENGL4066 World Literatures 3 units
  ENGL4067 Comics and Graphic Novels 3 units
  ENGL4075 Special Topic in Comparative Literature 3 units
  ENGL4076 21st Century Fiction 3 units
  ENGL4077 Detective Fiction 3 units
  ENGL4085 Special Topic in Literature 3 units
  ENGL4086 Shakespeare and His Contemporaries 3 units
  ENGL4087 Special Topic in Critical Theory 3 units
  ENGL4095 Gender and Literature 3 units
  ENGL4096 Diaspora Writing in English 3 units
  ENGL4097 Gothic Literature 3 units
  ENGL4105 Comparative Drama 3 units
  ENGL4106 Literary Journalism 3 units
  ENGL4107 Postcolonial Fiction 3 units
  ENGL4115 Tone in Human Languages 3 units
  ENGL4116 Language and Power 3 units
  ENGL4117 The Human History of Amorous Deeds 3 units
  ENGL4125 Literature and Religion 3 units
  Third Language (Putonghua is not counted) 3 units
II. Education Courses 51 units
  Education Required Courses (33 units)  
  EDUC1005 Introduction to Educational Psychology 2 units
  EDUC1015 Teaching and Learning with Information and Communication Technology 2 units
  EDUC1016 Introduction to Sociology of Education 2 units
  EDUC1017 Introduction to Philosophy of Education 2 units
  EDUC1026 Introduction to English Language Teaching (ELT) 2 units
  EDUC1027 Teaching of Grammar and Vocabulary 2 units
  EDUC2005 Classroom Communication and Management 3 units
  EDUC2006 Curriculum, Assessment and Learning 3 units
  EDUC2007 Educational Research 3 units
  EDUC2017 Teaching of Reading and Writing 2 units
  EDUC2025 Teaching of Listening and Speaking 2 units
  EDUC3007 Inclusive Education and Special Educational Needs 2 units
  EDUC3015 Teacher’s Personal and Professional Development 2 units
  EDUC4026 Integration, Reflection and Innovation in English Language Teaching (Primary)  2 units
  EDUC4027 Integration, Reflection and Innovation in English Language Teaching (Secondary)  2 units
  EDUC4035 Language Arts and Enrichment Activities (Primary)  2 units
  EDUC4036 Language Arts and Enrichment Activities (Secondary)  2 units
  Field Practice (11 units)  
  EDUC1025 School Experience 2 units
  EDUC3006 Supervised Teaching Practice I 4 units
  EDUC3017 Supervised Teaching Practice II 5 units
  Education Elective Courses (7 units) +  
  EDUC3035 Development of Children and Adolescents 2 units
  EDUC4006 Teaching English to Adults 2 units
  EDUC4007 Teaching English to Young Learners 2 units
  EDUC4015 Teaching General Studies to Young Learners 2 units
  EDUC7070 Student Self Development 2 units
  EDUC7100 Education System and Policy in Hong Kong 2 units
  EDUC7110 Psychology of Adolescence 2 units
  EDUC7130 School Management and Decision Making 2 units
  EDUC7150 Creative and Critical Thinking 2 units
  EDUC7170 School Guidance 2 units
  EDUC7180 Action Learning in the Classroom 2 units
  EDUC7230 Advanced Communication Skills 2 units
  EDUC7290 Moral and Civic Education 2 units
  EDUC7901 Teaching of a Second Subject (Chinese) 2 units
  EDUC7902 Teaching of a Second Subject (Information and Communication Technology) 2 units
  EDUC7903 Teaching of a Second Subject (History) 2 units
  EDUC7904 Teaching of a Second Subject (Mathematics) 2 units
  EDUC7905 Teaching of a Second Subject (Economics) 2 units
  EDUC7906 Teaching of a Second Subject (Putonghua) 2 units
  EDUC7907 Teaching of a Second Subject (Science Education) 2 units
  EDUC7908 Teaching of a Second Subject (Liberal Studies) 2 units
  EDUC7909 Teaching of a Second Subject (Geography) 2 units
  EDUM7540 Introduction to STEM Education 2 units
  Education Required Electives for Dual Foci:  
  EDUC4017 Coping with Changes in Primary Education 2 units
  EDUC4025 Developing Literacy Skills in Young ESL Learners 2 units
III. Honours Project 6 units
  EDUC4898 Honours Project  3 units
  EDUC4899 Honours Project 3 units
  ENGL4898 Honours Project   3 units
  ENGL4899 Honours Project  3 units
IV. Social Sciences Common Core 4 units
  Core Course (1 unit)  
  SOSC1006 Invitation to Social Sciences 1 unit
  Experiential Learning in Action (3 units) +  
  SOSC3005 Community and Civic Engagement 3 units
  SOSC3006 Global Outreach  3 units
V. Overseas Immersion Programme 3 units
  EDUC2026 Overseas Immersion Programme+ 3 units
  + Students taking EDUC2026 Overseas Immersion Programme will fulfil the course requirement of Experiential Learning in Action under “Social Sciences Common Core”. Students have to fulfil the 3 units derived from Experiential Learning in Action by taking EDUC Major Elective course(s). Hence, students are required to take a total of 10 units of EDUC Major Elective courses.
VI. One-Semester Off Campus Learning 12 units
VII. University Core Courses 13 units
VIII. General Education Courses 18 units
IX. Free Electives 9 units
    167 units
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