Minor Programme in Social Work Studies

This minor programme provides students with a critical understanding on values and principles of social work programme in contemporary society with reference to the impacts of diversity, social welfare structure and social inequalities. Students will gain critical insight on social work and the learning will pave the ways for them to pursue a career related to social work and social welfare in various settings like public organizations and local and international NGOs, or for pursuing a postgraduate study in related fields, including social policy, qualifying social work programme, public policy and administration. The completion of the Minor in Social Work Studies does not lead to the professional qualification as a Registered Social Worker in Hong Kong.

To fulfil the Minor in Social Work Studies, students are required to complete a minimum of 15 units (depending on the electives chosen, the range is from 15 to 17 units). Upon completion of the total units required for the minor programme, students should apply to the Academic Registry for approval.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Course 3 units
II) Elective Courses 12–14 units
    15–17 units


I. Required Course 3 units
  SOWK1005 Social Work in Contemporary Society 3 units
II. Elective Courses 12–14 units
  SOWK1006 Human Development through the Life Span 3 units
  SOWK2005 Human Behaviour and Diversity 3 units
  SOWK2006 Social Work Intervention and Processes 2 units
  SOWK2028 Social Policy 2 units
  SOWK2029 Social Policy 2 units
  SOWK3006 Law and Society 2 units
  SOWK3038 Theory and Practice in Social Work (Group) 2 units
  SOWK3039 Theory and Practice in Social Work (Group) 2 units
  SOWK3205 Love and Human Sexuality 3 units
  SOWK3206 Social Dimensions of Health 3 units
  SOWK3207 Creativity, Wellbeing and Art Therapy  3 units
  SOWK4005 Administration in Human Service Organizations 3 units
  SOWK4006 Social Welfare in Chinese Societies 3 units
  SOWK4226 Career Facilitation and Counselling 3 units
    15–17 units


(1) Students are required to take five courses, including one 3-unit required course for fulfilling the minor study requirement.

(2) The admission requirements for the minor in social work studies programme are the same as other existing minor programmes of HKBU.

(3) Students are required to take at least one 3-unit course at Level 3 or 4.

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