Doctor of Business Administration

Programme Director: Dr WU, Wei Ping

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme is designed to equip senior practitioners in business and business academics in higher education sector with cutting-edge research skills and profound insight into management.  It is a well-structured professional doctorate programme with integration of courses, workshops and a thesis.  Students are required to take seven taught courses, attend eight professional workshops and write theses.  The DBA thesis is no less than a PhD thesis in terms of academic rigour, but they differ in their choice of topics, with the DBA work usually more practically-orientated and perhaps case-based.  Each DBA candidate is expected to make personal contribution to the knowledge of business and management practice by means of the independent thesis research.  The DBA degree will be awarded to candidates who satisfy all the requirements of courses and workshops and successfully defend their theses.  The duration of this programme spans from a minimum period of three years up to a maximum period of six years.  For a study plan of minimum three years, five trimesters are scheduled for taught courses and the remaining four trimesters are scheduled for DBA thesis.  Students are required to attend eight professional workshops during their study period of the whole programme.  All taught courses are to be conducted in an intensive study mode, i.e. normally around 4.5 days for a 3-unit course.  A professional workshop is usually to last for one day.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Courses 48 units
    48 units


I. Required Courses 48 units
  BUS 7820 Frontiers of Leadership Research 3 units
  BUS 7830 Corporate Governance and Ethics 3 units
  BUS 7900 Business Research Methods 3 units
  BUS 7910 Advanced Statistics and Data Analysis 3 units
  BUS 7920 Qualitative Approaches to Research 3 units
  BUS 7980 Professional Development Workshops 5 units
  BUS 7991 DBA Thesis I 6 units
  BUS 7992 DBA Thesis II  6 units
  BUS 7993 DBA Thesis III 6 units
  BUS 7994 DBA Thesis IV 6 units
  BUSD7030 Philosophical Issues in Business and Management 1 unit
  BUSD7040 Strategic Management 3 units
    48 units


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