Applied Psychology in Schools

This concentration is designed to provide training in applied psychology for school teachers and related professionals. It will enable teachers to better understand their students from a psychological perspective. Teachers will obtain knowledge and skills for teaching courses related to student development and providing student guidance. It will also help teachers gain insights about handling their own psychological distress. Practical skills in educational settings will be emphasized. No prior knowledge about psychology is needed to complete this Concentration.


  1. To develop an in-depth understanding of psychological principles in education settings;
  2. To encourage critical reflection of psychological needs of students and teachers;
  3. To apply psychological principles to promote students’ learning and development; and
  4. To foster competence in research related to applied psychology in education.


Concentration Required Courses  12 units
  EDUC7640 School Guidance and Counselling 3 units
  EDUM7550 Educational Psychology 3 units
  EDUM7560 Mental Health Issues and Concerns in School Settings 3 units
  EDUM7570 Psychological Interventions to Promote Student Development in School Settings 3 units
    12 units
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