Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Integrated Communication Management

Programme Director: Dr FUNG, Maggie S K

The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Integrated Communication Management is a self-funded four-year full-time degree programme designed for associate degree/higher diploma graduates who wish to further their studies in public relations, advertising and integrated marketing communication. The programme aims to provide students with the academic and practical knowledge and skills related to communication management. The programme consists of a wide range of fundamental communication courses, with a particular emphasis on social services marketing as well as communication strategies in health and public issues. It provides students with a solid undergraduate education required for pursuing career or further study in the related fields.

Specifically, the programme aims to deliver the following learning outcomes:

  1. To demonstrate a thorough grounding in communication studies by examining related concepts, theories, and practices.
  2. To demonstrate an advanced level of communication skills meeting the needs of a community undergoing rapid socio-political and technological changes.
  3. To apply professional knowledge, skills and standards in work situations, with social consciousness and ethical responsibility.
  4. To communicate as professionals in communication studies by exhibiting critical thinking and leadership skills.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Major Courses 66 units
II) General Education Courses 38 units
III) Free Elective Courses 24 units
    128 units

The four-year degree programme requires students to complete a total of 128 units, including 38-unit General Education Courses, 66-unit Major Courses and 24-unit Free Elective Courses. As the programme is designed for associate degree/higher diploma graduates, they will be admitted directly into the third year of study. The number of courses/units the students are required to complete will depend on the number of courses/units for which exemption and/or unit transfer will be granted. All unit transfer or course exemption shall be considered on a case-by-case basis upon admission. Students are required to complete all programme prerequisites, General Education and Free Elective Courses to meet the graduation requirement.

Specifically, students are required to complete 54 units of Major Required Courses and 12 units of Major Elective Courses. The programme structure is set out as follows:


I. Major Courses 66 units
  Major Required Courses (54 units)  
  ICMT3005 Advertising Media Planning 3 units
  ICMT3007 Communication Theory 3 units
  ICMT3015 Creative Advertising Copywriting 3 units
  ICMT3017 Introduction to Public Relations and Advertising 3 units
  ICMT3025 Graphics and Print Production 3 units
  ICMT3027 Marketing Principles 3 units
  ICMT3035 Organizational Communication 3 units
  ICMT3045 Research Methods 3 units
  ICMT4005 Advertising and Society 3 units
  ICMT4015 Communication in Professional Practice 3 units
  ICMT4025 Crisis Communication 3 units
  ICMT4035 Event Management 3 units
  ICMT4045 Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign 3 units
  ICMT4055 Integrated Marketing Communication Honours Project 3 units
  ICMT4065 Intercultural Communication 3 units
  ICMT4075 Public Relations and Media Writing 3 units
  ICMT4085 Recreation, Sports and Entertainment Promotion 3 units
  ICMT4095 Social Services Marketing 3 units
  Major Elective Courses (12 units)  
  ICMT3105 Business Communication 3 units
  ICMT3115 Interactive Advertising Management 3 units
  ICMT3125 Media Business Environment 3 units
  ICMT3135 Consumer Behaviour 3 units
  ICMT3145 Digital Communication 3 units
  ICMT3155 Fashion Communication 3 units
  ICMT3175 Journalism Theory 3 units
  ICMT3185 Television and Hong Kong Society 3 units
  ICMT3195 Understanding Theatre Arts 3 units
  ICMT3205 Visual Communication in Multimedia 3 units
  ICMT3215 Special Topics in Communication 3 units
  ICMT3225 Communication in Entrepreneurship Management 3 units
  ICMT3235 Persuasion and Social Influence 3 units
  ICMT3245 Financial Literacy 3 units
  ICMT3255 Journalism and Society in a PR Perspective 3 units
  ICMT4105 Global Marketing Strategies 3 units
  ICMT4115 Marketing Communication in China 3 units
  ICMT4125 Strategic Public Relations 3 units
  ICMT4135 Retailing as Marketing Communication 3 units
  ICMT4145 Financial Communication and Investor Relations 3 units
  ICMT4905 ICM Internship 0 unit
  CRWG3005 Creative Writing for New Media I 3 units
  CRWG3045 Creative Thinking 3 units
  CRWG4175 Studies in Non-Fiction Films 3 units
  CRWG4195 Film Genres 3 units
II. General Education Courses 38 units
  Core Requirements (26 units)  
  University English  
  University Chinese  
  Public Speaking  
  Information Management Technology  
  Physical Education  
  History and Civilization  
  Values and the Meaning of Life  
  University Life  
  Distribution Requirements (12 units)  
  Communication/Visual Arts  
  Science/Chinese Medicine  
  Social Sciences  
III. Free Elective Courses 24 units
    128 units


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