Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accountancy

Programme Director: Miss KWAN, Janet W Y

The Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accountancy is a four-year full-time self-financing degree programme. It is developed primarily for accounting and business associate degree and higher diploma graduates, who will be admitted directly into the third year of this programme, with the first and second years of study being exempted. The third and fourth years of the programme build upon and enhance the associate degree and higher diploma curricula by including most of the courses from the third and final years of the University’s BBA (Hons)—Accounting Concentration. The programme also offers a range of China-related courses from which students can choose to suit their own career aspirations and interests.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Business Required Courses 39 units
II) Accounting Required Courses 21 units
III) Elective Courses 30 units
IV) General Education 38 units
    128 units


I. Business Required Courses 39 units
  ACCT1005 Principles of Accounting I 3 units
  ACCT1006 Principles of Accounting II 2 units
  ACCT2007 Accounting Information Systems 3 units
  ACCT4895 BCom Accountancy Project 3 units
  BUSI2025 Organisational Behaviour 2 units
  BUSI2026 Entrepreneurship and Innovative Thinking 2 units
  BUSI3005 Business Communications 2 units
  BUSI3006 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 3 units
  BUSI3007 Business Research Methods 3 units
  ACCT3016 Accounting Research Methods 3 units
  BUSI4006 Strategic Management 3 units
  ECON1005 Principles of Economics I 3 units
  ECON1006 Principles of Economics II 2 units
  FINE2005 Financial Management 3 units
  LLAW3007 Principles of Law 3 units
  MKTG2015 Marketing Management 2 units
II. Accounting Required Courses 21 units
  ACCT2005 Intermediate Accounting I 3 units
  ACCT2006 Intermediate Accounting II 3 units
  ACCT3005 Cost and Management Accounting I 3 units
  ACCT3006 Hong Kong Taxation 3 units
  ACCT4005 Advanced Accounting I 3 units
  ACCT4006 Auditing I 3 units
  LLAW3005 Company Law 3 units
III. Elective Courses 30 units
  ACCT3007 Cost and Management Accounting II 3 units
  ACCT3015 Accounting in China 3 units
  ACCT3026 Accounting Internship 3 units
  ACCT4007 Advanced Accounting II 3 units
  ACCT4015 Management Control 3 units
  ACCT4016 Tax Planning and Management 3 units
  ACCT4017 Auditing II 3 units
  ACCT4025 International Accounting 3 units
  FINE3015 Corporate Finance 3 units
  LANG1026 Practical Putonghua 3 units
  LLAW3006 Legal Aspects of China Business 3 units
  (Other Level 1 or Level 2 business and/or non-business courses) 3 units
IV. General Education 38 units
    128 units


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