Scientific Computing Concentration

  1. To give students a thorough knowledge of numerical methods, numerical analysis, and modelling for practical computing in a broad range of disciplines and applications;
  2. To provide students rigorous research and analytical skills to evaluate research techniques, methodologies, and to interpret results in their own field and research.


Concentration Elective Courses  
  MATH3407 Advanced Linear Algebra 3 units
  MATH3415 Vector Calculus 3 units
  MATH3416 Complex Analysis 3 units
  MATH3427 Real Analysis 3 units
  MATH3605 Numerical Methods II 3 units
  MATH3606 Partial Differential Equations 3 units
  MATH3615 Introduction to Imaging Science 3 units
  MATH3616 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations 3 units
  MATH3625 Advanced Numerical Analysis 3 units
  MATH4606 Functional Analysis 3 units
  MATH4615 Introduction to Numerical Linear Algebra 3 units
  MATH4815 Interior Point Methods for Optimization 3 units
  MATH4816 Optimization Theory and Techniques 3 units
  MATH4817 Stochastic Models 3 units
  MATH4665 Special Topics in Applied Mathematics I 3 units
  MATH4666 Special Topics in Applied Mathematics II 3 units
  MATH4667 Special Topics in Applied Mathematics III 3 units
    21 units


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