Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

The main objectives of the B.A. (Hons) in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics programme are as follows:

  1. To equip students with critical, analytical and interpretative skills with which they may understand religious and philosophical traditions, and schools of ethical thought in an objective way;
  2. To provide students with substantial information about ideas and practices of major religious and philosophical traditions, thus building a solid foundation for their understanding and interpretation;
  3. To help students develop capability in correlating religious ideas and values, philosophical traditions, and schools of ethical thought to socio-cultural problems;
  4. To widen students’ perspective in the understanding of both the human person and human culture through a comparative study of different religious and philosophical traditions, showing the range of human responses to life problems;
  5. To prepare students for postgraduate studies in at least some major religious or philosophical traditions; and
  6. To assist students in preparing for careers in education, cultural affairs and related fields.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Major Courses 54 units
II) Honours Project 6 units
III) General Education 38 units
IV) Free Electives# 30 units
    128 units

# Students may take additional GE courses in any categories to fulfil the “Free Electives” requirement but only a maximum of 6 units will be counted towards the fulfilment of the “Free Electives” requirement.

1. Major Courses and Honours Project (60 units)
The programme of BA (Hons) in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics provides a curriculum of 60 units progressing from introductory to advanced courses over a four-year period. The curriculum culminates in the Honours Project which will enable the student to complete a significant and independent work.

2. General Education and Free Electives (68 units)
These courses enable students to acquire an understanding of a lively feeling for values, so that they are better to cope with the challenges of the complex socio-economic, cultural, religious and political aspects of life in the modern world.


I. Major Courses 54 units
  Major Required Courses (21 units)  
  RELI1005 Quest for Truth and Meaning 3 units
  RELI2006 Introduction to Christianity and Civilizations 3 units
  RELI2007 Problems of Philosophy 3 units
  RELI2015 Approaches to the Study of Religion 3 units
  RELI2027 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy and Religion 3 units
  RELI2035 Introduction to Ethics 3 units
  RELI2036 Social Scientific Study of Religion 3 units
  Major Elective Courses (33 units)  
  At least two courses from each of the four Study Areas:  
  Study Area A: Philosophical Studies  
  RELI3006 Major Streams in Chinese Philosophy 3 units
  RELI3007 Philosophy, Meaning and Knowledge 3 units
  RELI3027 Existentialism and Nihilism 3 units
  RELI3056 Philosophy of Mind, Consciousness, and Personal Identity 3 units
  RELI3065 History of Modern Western Philosophy 3 units
  RELI3087 Metaphysics: Quest for Reality 3 units
  RELI3095 Logic and Philosophy of Logic 3 units
  RELI3096 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy 3 units
  RELI4005 Philosophy of Religion 3 units
  RELI4016 Selected Topics/ Readings in Philosophical Studies 3 units
  RELI4047 Mind in Chinese Buddhist Philosophy 3 units
  Study Area B: Christian Studies and Comparative Religion  
  RELI3005 Daoist Religion 3 units
  RELI3017 A Survey of Jewish and Christian Scriptures 3 units
  RELI3026 Christianity, Humanism and the Contemporary World 3 units
  RELI3037 Christian Spirituality 3 units
  RELI3047 Islam 3 units
  RELI3127 History of Christian Thought 3 units
  RELI3135 Buddhism  3 units
  RELI3136 Religious Rituals and Practices in Hong Kong  3 units
  RELI4025 Christianity and Chinese Culture  3 units
  RELI4027 Selected Topics/ Readings in Christian Studies or
Comparative Religion
 3 units
  RELI4035 Comparative Religious Themes   3 units
  Study Area C: Interdisciplinary Study of Religion  
  RELI3075 Religion and Animal 3 units
  RELI3077 Religion and Social Movements 3 units
  RELI3086 Religion, Violence and Peace 3 units
  RELI3097 Psychology and Religion 3 units
  RELI3105 Anthropology and Religion  
  RELI3106 Religion and Modern Chinese Societies  
  RELI4015 Mysticism and Religious Experience 3 units
  RELI4036 Religion and Ideology 3 units
  RELI4037 Sociology of Religion and Modern Society 3 units
  RELI4046 Selected Topics/ Readings in Religious Studies 3 units
  RELI4065 Dialogue between Religion and Modern Science 3 units
  Study Area D: Ethics and Society  
  RELI3016 Philosophy, Morality and Society 3 units
  RELI3045 Contemporary Ethical Problems: Hong Kong and Beyond 3 units
  RELI3107 Chinese Moral and Political Philosophy 3 units
  RELI3115 Theological Ethics 3 units
  RELI3116 Islamic Values and Contemporary Society 3 units
  RELI3117 Service Leadership and Meaning of Life and Death 3 units
  RELI3125 Social Justice, Liberalism and Economic Equality 3 units
  RELI3126 Theology, Liberalism and Sex in Chinese Societies 3 units
  RELI4066 Ethics of Human Rights: Theories and Controversies 3 units
  RELI4067 Environmental Ethics 3 units
  RELI4075 Selected Topics/ Readings in Ethics 3 units
II. Honours Project 6 units
  RELI4898 Honours Project 3 units
  RELI4899 Honours Project 3 units
III. General Education 38 units
IV. Free Electives 30 units
    128 units


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