Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Physical Education and Recreation Management

The overall aim of the PERM is to provide students with sufficient depth and breadth of knowledge, skills, and practical experience in the discipline of physical education and recreation management. Furthermore, under the ethos of “whole person education” of the University, our students will also receive a strong liberal arts education such that they can embark on a variety of careers.

After completing this programme, students should be able to:

  1. Explain the concepts and theories in physical education and sport sciences as well as in recreation management.
  2. Identify the key issues and impacts concerning physical education and recreation management for different populations in the society and the global world.
  3. Evaluate and apply theories, concepts, principles and practice from physical education and recreation management to various professions in the industry.
  4. Apply knowledge and techniques, based on qualitative and quantitative research and problem solving approaches to design, execute and evaluate programmes in physical education, sport and recreation management.
  5. Demonstrate effective communications, team work, and leadership skills.
  6. Reflect on the importance to practice and promote life-long participation in physical and recreational activities.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Major Courses 54 units
II) Honours Project 6 units
III) General Education 38 units
IV) Free Electives# 30 units
    128 units

# Students may take additional GE courses in any categories to fulfil the “Free Electives” requirement but only a maximum of 6 units will be counted towards the fulfilment of the “Free Electives” requirement.


I. Major Courses 54 units
  Major Required Courses (39 units)  
  PERM1006 Human Anatomy and Physiology 3 units
  PERM1007 Sport and Exercise Psychology 3 units
  PERM1015 History and Philosophy of Physical Education, Sport and Recreation 3 units
  PERM1305 Swimming 1 unit
  PERM1306 Conditioning and Fitness 1 unit
  PERM1307 Dance 1 unit
  PERM1315 Gymnastics 1 unit
  PERM1316 Track and Field 1 unit
  PERM1317 Outdoor Pursuits 1 unit
  PERM2005 Exercise Physiology 3 units
  PERM2006 Organization and Administration in Physical Education and Recreation 3 units
  PERM2007 Tests and Measurement 3 units
  PERM3006 Research Methods 3 units
  PERM3008 Internship I 1 unit
  PERM3009 Internship II 2 units
  PERM3027 Prevention and Care of Sports Injuries 3 units
  PERM3037 Motor Learning and Development 3 units
  PERM3046 Theory and Practice in Sport and Recreation Management 3 units
  Major Elective Courses (15 units)  
  PERM1425 Badminton 1 unit
  PERM1426 Golf 1 unit
  PERM1427 Squash 1 unit
  PERM1435 Table-tennis 1 unit
  PERM1436 Tennis 1 unit
  PERM1445 Taekwondo 1 unit
  PERM1446 Tai Chi 1 unit
  PERM1447 Basketball 1 unit
  PERM1455 Handball 1 unit
  PERM1456 Soccer 1 unit
  PERM1465 Volleyball 1 unit
  PERM3007 Sociology of Sport and Recreation 3 units
  PERM3015 Recreation Programming and Event Management 3 units
  PERM3016 Fitness and Recreation for Selected Population 3 units
  PERM3017 Health Fitness Evaluation and Assessment 3 units
  PERM3025 Kinesiology 3 units
  PERM3026 Nutrition and Health 3 units
  PERM3045 Sport Media and Public Relation 3 units
  PERM4005 Facility Management 3 units
  PERM4006 Financial and Human Resources Management in Leisure Services 3 units
  PERM4007 Leadership and Communication in Sport and Recreation 3 units
  PERM4016 Outdoor Recreation 3 units
  PERM4017 Principles and Practice of Exercise and Weight Management 3 units
  PERM4115 Marketing in Sport and Leisure Services  3 units
II. Honours Project 6 units
  PERM4898 Honours Project 3 units
  PERM4899 Honours Project  3 units
III. General Education 38 units
IV. Free Electives 30 units
    128 units


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